Blog 427: God will Heal

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When you are sick who do you go to? When you are unwell what do you do? When you hear of someone else being sick what goes through your head? I hate getting sick, I am such a bad person to look after when I am sick as I will moan and groan and life will not be the same. There have been times when I have known someone to get really sick and then they have been healed from the sickness and other times I have known someone to be a little sick and they have passed away from the sickness or something else. Being sick is not something to be laughed at whether it is a common cold to Cancer-we all need to pray for healing. I know that there will be a time in your life when you are sick whether that is a cut on your leg or something more serious but how you deal with it and who you turn to is important.

I remember a few years back when we had Covid-19 and there were so many people getting sick I just didn’t know what to do. It seemed like whoever had a cough could possibly have Covid-19 even though it was flu season and very few people were getting tested for it. I know so many people that were sick and I was scared that I was going to get sick because not only do I have EUPD, anxiety and depression I also have asthma and I was scared that it would affect me in a way that would be bad and I would be too sick. I remember both my brother and sister-in law went down with it within a week or two of each other and it was horrible. We were not able to see each other, we were not allowed to have any contact, we were not allowed in the same house, we were not allowed to hug, we were not allowed to support them and it was so hard. It was horrible!

I found it almost harder with someone else being sick and me not being able to be there than me being sick. I want to be there to support them, I wanted to help them feel better but I was not able to and it would have been unsafe to do so. Instead what did I do? I made cookies and gave it to them, I popped food at the front door and looked out for them, I would video call so they wouldn’t get bored but most of all I prayed for them. I prayed that God would heal them, that God would protect them, that God would be there for them, that God would encourage and support them through His word. I did everything that I humanly could do possible as well as reaching out to God not only for Him to heal them but also to calm down my worrying. Lowe and beheld they did get better but some people I knew didn’t. Some people I knew didn’t make it and it was sad but everything is done in Gods perfect timing and for His glory.

When we are sick and face trials it is important to come to God to know that He is in control, to know that He can, if it is His will, will heal us and He will keep us safe. We can go to as many doctors as we want around the country and the world but God is the ultimate doctor. He is the one that can heal us, He is the One that can make us better and He is the One that can protect us. There will be times when we do not understand why certain things happen but God is in control and we need to do everything in our power to trust in Him. Not only should we come to Him when we are sick but we should come to Him everyday.

We should come when we are healthy, when we are tired, when we are happy, when we are sick, when we are away, when we are at home, when we are away from everything that we know because God is the true healer. He is the One that can fix our heart from the sins that we commit, He is the One that can make us pure, He is the One that can make us worthy, He is the One that can make us clean. God is the true doctor and we need to trust that He will heal us in His own time and in the meantime we need to be patient and pray!

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