Blog 102: I can’t ignore this

I can't ignore

Over the last month or so this world has been thrown into turmoil, many people have got ill, many people have passed away, many people have lost loved ones, many lives have been changed forever, many children have stopped going to school, many older people have been isolated, there have been over 5,000 deaths and counting, there have been over 150,000 cases and counting, many airports have been shut, many people are stranded, many gatherings have been stopped, many people are in hospital, many people are having to change their plans. It has been shocking to see how the world has collapsed around us by just a virus that started of small, the corona-virus. It started by one person and now has captured the world and taken so many lives as well as made so many people sick and weak.

It is so sad to see the many people that have been affected by this virus that is going around. It is so sad to see that many people have been stranded, that many people are away from family and friends, that many older people are on their own, so many people are having to be isolated. There are so many people that are affected and it is hard to ignore the fact that many more lives are going to be lost and many more families are going to be affected. The symptoms are so similar to flu that it is hard to tell the difference between a common cold and something more serious. It is so sad to see all the people that are suffering is not able to get the care that they need to get due to other things going on. Different countries economies are going to be crashing, companies are going to be put out of business, children are going to loose education, events are being cancelled or postponed. It is sad to hear that flights are cancelled, countries are in lock down, schools are shut, within days the whole world has come to a standstill and nothing is working and happening. The most upsetting thing is that the situation changes day by day and it is hard to see where it will end.

For me this is the worst that I remember the world being in turmoil and that is has affected me and my life so much. This last week has been hard and the uncertainty has been even harder to know. We have been told different things by so many different people, one minute we are being told to stock up, another being told to stay inside, another working from home. It is so confusing and we are all in a state of panic and worry which does not help anything or anyone. In all of this though have you thought about those people who cannot get out? Those people who are vulnerable? Those people who are sick? Those people who have lost loved ones. We need to take on the war attitude and all help each other, we need to ‘keep calm and carry on,’ we need to support each other through a difficult and uncertain time.

There are events in our calendar that have had to be cancelled, we were due to have a stag/hen do at the weekend, family and friends were coming from abroad for our wedding in just over 2 weeks time and they have had to cancel. It has been hard to gather this news and to carry on. I know that there is a plan for everything but when you have the best day of your life coming up we want everyone we love to be there. It is hard that is come right bang in the middle of the isolation period and not having family around. We are going to be doing our best to get through these next couple of days and weeks but there will be some hard times ahead. We all know that a wedding day is a very special day and we are unable to get it back but we also know that there are more people out there who are much worse of then us. Some people have no medical care, some people have no family, some people have to close down their business and this affects them for more than just one day, their whole life will be changed.

Plans change, people come and leave our lives, things come and go, different things change different people but it is rare that we have something that changes the world so dramatically. However with all the change that is going on in the world we need to know that God is in control, God knows what He is doing, God knows that times will be tough but He will help us to overcome the pain that we are feeling and the lose that we have experienced. It will be hard but over time we will all have things in place that will help us and we will overcome it with trusting in God and His love for us.

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