Blog 445: Peter Pan


Wouldn’t you just love it if you didn’t have to grow up and could be a child forever? How fun would that be? No work and all play! We have all watched Peter Pan and saw how fun it would be to stay children and have fun. When I was younger I loved using my imagination to make up stories and I used to have a very vivid one so everything was just how I wanted it. We didn’t have the internet then, we didn’t have WIFI, we didn’t have computers, we didn’t have Ipads, we don’t have phones, we didn’t have computer games, we didn’t have so many things that kids have these days. I learnt to play in the garden and to have fun with the mud and toys that I had. We didn’t have to grow up as quickly as most children have to these days. We had no guilt and we could play for hours in the garden and you know what it was fun!

Without all the technology I was able to invent so many games, go to many different place, see different things and I loved it. When I went somewhere I use to play it when I would get back. So if I had been to school then I would get back and play schools with my siblings and yes I was always the teacher! I loved putting people in detention, little did I know that as I got older I would have more of them myself! When we are born life is so simply, we have to cry and we get milk, we change our cry a bit and get laid down for a nap, we cry a bit more and get our nappies changed. Being a baby is simple and wonderful but as we get older it can become more complicated and more about what we don’t have rather than the things that we should be grateful for and all the blessings that we have now.

As we grow up we find that life becomes more complicated and filled with ‘adult’ things and it can become very boring! We see things from ‘adult’ eyes and it can be painful, we start to understand what is going on in the world and what that means for us and it can be hard to understand. It can be hard to grasp how life is playing out before our eyes and we seem to lose the simplicity and joy of being a child. We have much more ‘grown up’ things to deal with and it can be hard. The older we get it is much harder to be thankful for the things we have, we want the things that we don’t have. We want a better phone, we want a better TV, a better house, a better car and so much more. Unlike children we become focused on the material things rather than the things that should bring our imagination alive. We begin to realise that life is not all as it seems and it can’t always be joyful.

Children are able to rise above their fears, they are able to see things that they have never thought of before and they can see the wonder of the world. We need to look at a child’s life and get the joy back into ours, we need to overcome our fears, we need to be happy about the simple things and we need to find joy in the smallest things. To begin with it will be hard and there will be times when we feel we can’t do it but we must. We need to stop having doubts and believe that things can be better. We need to stopping letting the small things bug us. We need to stop shutting things out and grasp them with both hands and carry on with life. There is always a time in someones life when they want to be back to being a child but sadly we do grow up and we have to take on the world.

However, we do not have to take on the world on our own, we have Someone else who can help us, we have One who will give us strength when we are tired, we have One who loves us no matter how we are feeling, we have One who made the world we are in, we have One who gave everything so we are able to have a better life. Jesus came so that if we trust in His unfailing love and His blood shed for us then we can have a better life in the new heavens and new earth. We are able to come to Him and he can help us with growing and developing into the person that He has planned for us to be.


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