Blog 386: Thankful for the good times

be thankful

Don’t we just love it in life when good things happen, when we can be with family, when we can be with friends, when we can be around those people that we love, when we can enjoy the good weather, when we have good periods in our life. I do often wonder though how much I take this time for granted and how thankful I really am. I never really think about these times in the moment but when something bad happens. I need to start being thankful for the good times that we have. In the bad times the good times will come and we have to look forward to that time and not think about the bad things that will happen in life. We as a society find it very hard to be thankful for the good things that happen in life.

On a Monday morning it is hard to be thankful for the job that we can go to, it can be hard to be thankful for our children when they wake us up at night, it can be hard to be thankful for the rain when we are not able to go out, it can be hard to be thankful for the traffic in the morning, it can be hard to get our of bed in the morning, it can be hard to get along with family, it can be hard not to see friends. However, in all of these situations we need to be thankful, we need to be thankful that we have work to go to, that we have children when so many other people want them, that the rain makes everything green and wonderful, that we have a car to be able to go to work in, that we have a nice dry place to rest our head at night, that we have family who will love us no matter what, that we are healthy enough to see friends.

You see when we put our mind to it we can be really thankful for the things that we do have, some times in will be hard to be thankful but in every situation we could be worse off. Always remember that there are many more people in the world that have less things than you. You don’t have to go very far and you don’t have to even go our of your street, the person who seems like they have the latest things may only have the money to get these because they do not have contact with their family, the family next door may be around all day because they have been laid of from work and the man at the corner shop who talks to you all the time doesn’t have friends that he can go to. We should never judge someone because they are all going through their own issues and there are people out there who do not have the blessings that we have. We need to be thankful for everything we do have no matter how small.

If you just stop where you are right now and look around, what can you see, what can you feel, what can you smell? If you cannot think of anything think about the eyes that you have in your head to be able to see things, the feelings in your fingers in order to feel and grasp things, the nose that you have to smell the dinner cooking. No matter what house we come from, the family we come from or the background we have we can all be thankful by these small things. It is often easy to go through each day complaining about the things we want, the people we want to see, the places we want to go that we often forget about the things that we should be thankful for. We have a lot to be thankful for and we should not take anything that we have, the family around us, the friends that support us, the job that keeps us busy for granted.

In each situation that you are faced with today can you think of things to be thankful for and blessed by? We can look back in the past and wonder how we got through a period in our life but that is because God was there. He cared for us, He protected us, He looked after us, He provided for us and without that we would not be where we are today. There have been some hardship but through those God has shown us who He really is and in an ever changing world He is the only thing that we are able to fully rely on.

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