Blog 313: Love lasts

love lasts

No matter what we go through in life real love will last, not because it is easy but because we work for it. The more you love someone the more we have to work harder for it. We all feel the need to love, we all feel the need to be loved, it is not something that we should be ashamed of but something that is natural and something that we should wish for. We want our love to keep going for eternity and when it doesn’t it is hard to accept it as we want to feel loved for a long time. We want people to accept us for how we are, for our weaknesses, for our strengths, for our hardships and for our pasts. However, do we accept other people for who they are? Do you love people for the baggage and the emotions that they come with?

We tend to have a high expectations of other people and how they treat us but do we treat them the way that should be treated? We need to know that there is a two-way road for friendship, for love, for acceptance and not one way. We can’t just rely on other people to feel love for us but we need to be willing to show it to other people too. Many people love us no matter what we go through but we have to make an extra effort to how them love. We all know that a dog is a mans best friend and do you know the reason? We forget to feed them but they still love us, we forget to take them for a walk but they still love us, we forget to hug them but they still love us. No matter how much we correct them they will still love us. No matter how we treat them (in a good way and respectful way) they will still love us. Isn’t it sad that humans are not like dogs, humans only love us because we give them something, they only love us because we do something for them, it seems to be conditional. We seem to make a small mistake and we can be in the dog house for ages with another person and it can be hard to make it up to them again.

We want to be loved all the time but we only accept it under certain conditions, we accept love when someone gives us something, we accept love when someone helps us with something, we accept love on conditions. In order for us to have long lasting love we should not accept it on conditions, we should not give it out on conditions we should just give it out to people because we love them and not anything ropes attached to it. Do you love those people that love you for just being you? Do you love those people who love you for how you love them? We need to take time each day to show someone that we love them, we need to take time to act on how we love people, we need to show people that we love them without judging them, without causing them harm.

No one is perfect and no one will love you the way that you want them to love you but we need to be patient. There will be certainly things that will annoy us about other people but that cannot get between us and loving other people. Are you able to be patient with them when they leave their washing on the floor, when they take forever to get in the car, when they take too long in the shower, when they don’t do the chores when they said they would, when they snore at night, when they get tired quickly? Through it all are you still able to love them? These times can and will be very trying for anyone in a relationship but you still need to love them throughout it. You still need to love them unconditionally no matter how they treat you and without any ropes attached.

You know something, loving someone through the ups and downs of life can and will be hard but you need to work through it, you need to be patient through life, you need to be ready to forgive when other people wrong you. It will be hard going but you need to love people for who they are and not their actions. God will love us no matter how we treat Him. We will sin and we will short fall but God will still love us and God does not love us conditionally-How thankful should we be for that?

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