Blog 307: Struggling with people

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Do you like being on your own? Do you struggle to be with other people? At some point in our life we struggle with being around people or we struggle with people no matter what mood we are in, no matter who we are with or no matter what the day of the week is. We will all have times when we find it hard to be around people and sometimes we are just ‘peopled’ out. Majority of the time we find it hard to be at work because we are around people all the time and those people who are teachers hats of to you. I don’t know how you deal with both adults and children all day, it amazes me! We would have had times, we will have times that are hard for us and we struggle to be with other people.

There are different times in our lives that are hard. The most obvious one that comes to my mind is when we are in our teenage years. We have so many conflicts with our parents and a lot of people blame it on us being ‘teenagers’ but actually there is no excuse for how we feel. We struggle to be with people and we struggle because we have to be respectful to our parents but we are struggling with people and being around others when we are trying to gain our independence. I am not going to go ahead and give you excuses but in our teenage years we have so much going on that it is hard to be around people and to actually talk about our feelings. We have hormones flowing all over the place, we have school to go through, we have exams to do, we have friendship problems, we have homework to do and we have the struggles of keeping up with social media. It can be hard.

We were not made to be around people all the times, we need to have time to ourselves, we need to have time to be on our own, we need to have time when we want to do things that we want to do. In society now it is very easy to try and do so many things, to talk to so many people and to do everything that needs to be done. I remember the days when we would get back from school and that would be it, we would be done with friends and people and we would just be with our family. However, life has now changed and life is more about showing people that we are wearing the nearest fashion, we are on the best social media, we watch the up to date TV programs. It is hard to keep up with people and so many people can’t do it and so struggle with people.

Struggling with people is okay and it is fine to admit that but we need to talk to the right person. We will all struggle with people but as we get older it is important to know how we are feeling and how other people are feeling as well. If someone is struggling with people then don’t strangle other people and make them want to be with us because sometimes they just want to be on their own. It is totally good to be on your own but don’t isolate yourself from other people, keep in contact with those people who know you can trust. To being with it will be hard and people will come in and out of your life but you need to rely on those people who you can really trust and those people that you know won’t judge you. It will be hard when you struggle with people but keep on going and keep having faith in yourself and in other people too.

It will be hard to keep faith in other people and to keep on going when you struggle with others but there is One who we are able to rely on. We are able to come to Him when there is no one else, we can come to Him when we are alone, we can come to Him when we are struggling, we can come to Him when we are happy, we can come to Him when bad things happen, we can come to Him no matter what time of the day it is. God will not judge us when we need time alone, He will help us. God will keep us going when things are hard and we need to be grateful for that- Are you?

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