Blog 285: Just give me a hug

Hugging For Peace

Do you find that sometimes you just need a hug from a certain person? Hugs are something that all people need, it is something that is important, it is something that needs to be done, it is something that should be nice, it is something that is beautiful, it is something that has good side affects. It is amazing how a hug can work miracles and make someone feel better in just seconds. We don’t often give hugs out because it can be inappropriate and classed as wrong. It is sad that something as small as a hug can improve someones day and help them to feel better no matter what they have been through. There are several families that still use hugging as a form of saying hello and they are tight-knit.

I love hugs, I love showing appreciation, I love showing love, I love showing that people are accepted. For me hugs is something that I like to give out, I like to show that people are accepted and that I enjoy being with them. I find it important to show affection to those I love and those people that have made my life better. I hug those people that have been with me for ages and who have helped me through all the ups and downs of life. I appreciate the love that people give me and sometimes all I can do is return it with a hug. Sometimes it is not the right place or person to show affection too but it is amazing how walls and emotions come down when affection is shown. It is easy to show affection to our family but what about our friends? When was the last time you gave someone you love a hug?

I am a real hugger, I hug people that I have met and I want to be over-friendly, sometimes it can get me in trouble but I would rather show people love than to give a handshake. Those aren’t my kind of things. I care about people around me and I want those people to come to me when they have a problem, when they need some love and when they need someone to talk too. I want to be there when they have family issues, when they need someone to cry with, when they want to have a laugh. I want to be someone that they can confide in and if that starts with a hug then all the better. I believe that because I have given someone a hug can help them and it can also help me too. I provides a special relationship which can be a beautiful thing. A big hug can help us feel so much better and sometimes we can feel the sadness leaving our body.

There are so many people that feel that they are not able to express their emotions and not able to talk about it and some people find a hug is better, I am one of those people. I am not able to talk fully about my feelings so most time I would just like a hug. Some people are scared of giving hugs because they could have different motives and it can come across as awkward. There are some weird people out there who want more than a hug but just because there are some horrible people out there does not mean that we should stop. Bear in mind we should only hug those people who are comfortable and those we know really well otherwise it will give the wrong impression. When someone needs a hug we should be willing to give it and to help them with their emotions. We all enjoy a good hug from time to time and it can be good for our body.

Some of us will find it hard to hug other people and some of us will find it hard to talk to other people. Life can be hard especially when we feel that we are getting judge for how we are feeling and how we are living our life. It can be hard to live life with everything going on anyway and so it is important to be able to talk to someone about how you are feeling. Life is busy and people will not always be around. However, God will be there and God knows how we are feeling. God understands when we just want a hug, God understands when we are feeling down, God understands when we want someone to talk to and you know what He is there all the time and He can help us through life and what goes on.

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