Blog 267: Don’t hit the wall

street corner

Have you ever wanted to do something and it hasn’t turned out the way you wanted it to? Have you ever thought you have done something and then have hit a brick wall? We all have times when we are thinking or needing to do something and we hit a brick wall, whether that be through tiredness, motivation or just because you have ran out of ideas. What do you do when that happens? Do you give up or do you try and keep going? What happens to you when you hit the brick wall or do you try not to hit it? It is very easy to give up and think you have failed but you need to learn how to jump over it or go around it.

In our life there are going to be times when things don’t go to plan, there are going to be times when we think we have life sorted and then something happens and we realise that we are not in control- do you give up? We have all made plans and something has gone wrong, one of the children has got a bug, the car has broke down, the weather is not good, the train has got cancelled, we don’t have enough money in our bank, the roads are too busy. When that happens what do we do? What is our initial thought? Do you just stop and not do what we had planned or think of some way around it? Instead of getting blocked by the wall and essentially letting it win we have to learn to go around it and thinking of other ideas to help.

In every part of life we are going to come across walls, it is part of life and we can’t get around it. We can’t get rich quickly, we have to work hard. We can’t have the best car, we have to work hard. We can’t make our children intelligent quickly, we have to have patience and teach them. There is no easy way out of doing something and their will always be walls in the way and we have to learn to overcome them and to keep on going. If we want to become rich then we need to work hard to ride up the carer ladder, if we want to have the best car then we have to get a better paid job and that may mean re-training, if we want our children to be intelligent then we have to keep on encouraging them to do well and to give them the support when we need it. In each scenario that we come across in our life we have to make sure we are patient and we have to make sure that we are willing to work hard to overcome the brick wall that is in front of us.

Life is not meant to be easy, we are meant to be challenged, we are meant to be stretched, we are meant to learn more each day. If you are not doing that they you are letting the brick walls come in front of you and not trying to overcome them. Many people want to ‘easy way out’ but what they don’t realise is that with having that way out they are not overcoming the things that they need to and not overcome the brick walls that are put in front of them. It is very easy to think that you are overcoming things in your life but when you really think about it are you? Are you trying to do new things? Are you putting yourself into situations that you have never been in before? Are you trying to be a better person? All these things mean overcoming the brick walls and trying to become better.

We may not find the strength each day to overcome the brick wall and not to hit it. Sometimes we fail and we realise that we could have done something if we had tried hard enough. However for us who are Christians we have God on our side and He is more powerful than any brick wall or situation that we think that we are not able to get beyond. he is more powerful than the enemy, He is more powerful than our negative thoughts, He is more powerful than our lives and He will have the last word. He knows whether in a deep minds we try or whether we just want the easy way out. He knows how we are feeling and whether we are scared of the things to come, all we have to do is to trust Him and realise that He knows what He is doing in our lives-will you do that?

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