Blog 193: The end


Can you believe that after the huge lead up Christmas is over? It is now time to pack up all the lights, to put away to tree, to start eating the left over food, to relaxing, to getting back to the normal routine and it can be quiet a shock to be honest. Do you have the post Christmas blues? With all the lead up to the day is is now finished and all over before another year. With all the buzz that happens before it is now over and it is time to get ready for the new year ahead! The new year seems to be coming up in a quick flash and isn’t it crazy that it is nearly upon us. How does the years go so quickly! It is time to think about the things we want to be able to do in the new year, the things that we want to achieve, the places we want to go and so much more. It is time to really start afresh with a new year ahead of us and oh do we all look forward to it after the year 2020 was! Hopefully there will be no more lockdowns, there will be no more viruses and no more closures of the things that we like to go too.

We are all relaxing and seem to be tummy full with all the food that we had and our hearts are full of joy with the love and gifts that we have been blessed with. As we look back on Christmas it is strange to think that we have been looking forward to this time for so long and now it is all over. Every year we have different traditions and do different things at Christmas and it is wonderful to be with friends and family at this time of year. It may be that this festive period may now no longer be fully of the sparkle and joy as it has gone in a flash! However, just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean that we have to have the January blues and we can be grumpy but we need to be joyful and we need to be excited about the message and what it means to us and what we should learn from it.

Now that Christmas is over you may be thinking of things for next year and how to make it even bigger and even more special and exciting but the reality you are shattered and really don’t want to think about any Christmas things. The house is messy, toys are all over the place, children are shattered, your exhausted and all you want to do is relax but life never stops and there seems to more to do than anything else. With each year that comes we promise that the next year is going to be less and we are going to be calmer but it never seems to be that way. We always want it like we did it last year. Christmas is a hard time and you may be lonely with all the things that are going on and not having any family around you and not being able to see friends. Many people love this time of year but for you it may be hard to see everyone else with family and friends and you on your own.

Today Christmas may be over and we may not have the energy to keep going but we try our best, people are changing presents, people are changing their views, the new year changes things, the new term is almost here and the schedule changes. At this time of year things change but we need to know and believe that He never changes. We have a God who doesn’t change how He feels, He doesn’t love us on and off, He doesn’t leave us alone, He is always our friend, He keeps us going when we have no energy, He keeps us calm when times are crazy, He will carry us through the storm when life is rocking us around, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

At the end of this Christmas time God is the same that He was before. He doesn’t need to be given loads of gifts for Him to love us, He does all the time. We still have every reason to celebrate, we still have reason for joy, we still have reason to be happy, we still have reason to smile because of Him now in the celebrations and in the in-between days of us having a ‘normal’ life. He is with us in every part of everyday and what joy shall fill our hearts to know this good news! Through every joy and every suffering God wants us to give grace and pour out His love to us and all we need to do is to accept it.

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