Blog 181: Blogmas – Day 14 – Good Shepherd

Jesus, good shepherd - Other & People Background Wallpapers on Desktop  Nexus (Image 2424717)

If I said to you good shepherd what would you think? Would you think of people who have a dog, a tractor and loads of sheep. When I think of a good shepherd I think of the Yorkshire dales in the UK and the amount of beauty there is in just one small area. Shepherds are so under rated-they have long hours, they have hard days, their work is manual, they have the joy of life but the heartbreak of life. They have times when a day is never ending but most of all they need to feed their flock, they need to protect their flock and most of all they will put themselves in the front if their flock is ever in danger. Being a shepherd is not a easy task- take a look at this.

Being a good shepherd is something that is hard work and something that should not be taken for granted. There are many shepherds in the world and many of them do not get paid for their work and they are often in so much danger. However, there is only one shepherd that is perfect, there is one shepherd that put His life on the life and there is One shepherd who gave the ultimate sacrifice for His people. Jesus was the One who gave His life so that we can be saved, He is the One who keeps His sheep (His people) safe, He saves them from the death that they could have if they do not trust in Him.

As much as we look for the perfect person in our life Jesus is the perfect person, He died the perfect death so that as his followers we are able to have life, He lived the perfect life so that we are able to live a perfect life with him in eternity.

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