Blog 176: Blogmas – Day 9 – Lamb of God

Jesús ama a sus ovejas... | Cordero de dios, Imagen de cristo, Imagenes de  jesucristo

I don’t know about you but I love a good roast lamb with some mince sauce on the side with a pile of roast potatoes and vegetables! We all love the spring time when lambs are jumping around the fields after their mamas and we love seeing new life being born. Lambs are cute, they are cuddly, they are noisy but they are also food-unless you are a vegetarian! We never feel sorry for the lamb that has given its life so that we are able to have a meal, we never feel that we should be thankful for the lamb so that we are able to eat it. We often find the lamb an innocent thing that has been killed so that we are able to eat and have life.

This is similar to Jesus, He was an innocent person born of a man who gave his life so that we are able to live, He gave his life so that we are able to have eternal life. Just like a lamb who is not guilty and has done nothing wrong, Jesus was the same. He is the lamb of God that was slain for us, He shed his blood so that we are able to be clean and we can get the stain of sin out of us. As the lamb sacrifices its life so Jesus sacrificed His life so we can have life. It is so easy to focus on the things that we do not have in this world but instead we need to be thankful that we can have eternal life through fully trusting in Jesus’ blood.

Today as you go about your everyday life and maybe get the meat for Christmas remember Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for us and He has cleaned your sin and shame.

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