Blog 173: Blogmas – Day 6 – Son of God

Jesus the Son of God – The Bible Study

Do you know what the Son of God means? Do you know that Jesus was the Son of God and also the Son of man? Jesus although he lived fully on this earth He was fully God, He came from God, He was perfect and He was heavenly. God is the father and Jesus is the son, it is important to realise that they are the same but at the same time they are different. Every man that we know has been a son at some point and they may or may not have had a good fatherly example but we are able to have a perfect father in God and eventually we are able to be the perfect child through trusting in him.

Every family that I know have had some problems, some families have some arguments, some families have conflicts but the relationship between God and Jesus the son is perfect and something that we should strive towards. Jesus is the perfect son and He is the one that we would want to be like. Jesus is the perfect son, not only to his earthly parents but also to His heavenly father, Jesus was the perfect friend, Jesus was the perfect healer, Jesus was the perfect companion, Jesus was the perfect child, Jesus lived the perfect life and Jesus died the perfect death.

Not only was Jesus perfect when He was on earth but He is still perfect today. He is still the perfect friend, He is still the perfect son, He is still the perfect companion and we are able to come to Him through anything and everything. Today as you go ahead with your day remember that Jesus is the perfect friend that you can have and He will keep you safe through everything. You do not have to worry about tomorrow for God will look after you.

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