Blog 143: Autumn is here


The leaves are changing, it is getting colder, Christmas is just right around the corner, the pumpkins are growing, the leaves fall of the trees, the crops are being harvested, animals gather food ready to hibernate, the heating goes on, boots are out, walks are scarce, coats get thicker. There are a lot of changes in this season of life and it changes from year to year due to global warming etc. With the heat of the summer just finished it is nice to have cooler air and gets us ready for the winter coldness and weather to come. It is nice to have hot weather all the time and it is nice to be able to get our for walks and enjoy the colours that have come of the trees. It is a wonderful time to be able to get out and about and have a good fall breeze.

As the colder weather comes it is time to get an open fire going with thick socks and a hot chocolate in hand, watching a movie series-what could be better? What is more cosy than getting warm in a nice thick blanket? What is more cosy than being huddled up and going for a nice breezy walk? As much as I like summer and not need to put coats and scarves on I love this weather, the thick jumpers and chilling inside and blaming the weather for not needing to go out! Oversized jumpers are one of the best things about this time of year as well as being snuggled up with the one you love on the sofa. I often cannot wait to get the jumpers and boots out of the cupboard. I try and take longer and longer each year but depending on how I feel I can get them out earlier!

The summer is amazing with hot days, late nights and the BBQ on but it is also wonderful to be able to put the thick jumpers back on and snuggle up in the numerous blankets and pillows! You really can’t beat anything like that! As much as we crave summer coming back and having the warmer weather but think about all the wasps that go away, all the mosquitoes that don’t annoy you, all the sun cream you have to put on. The summer is great but we do still have to do a lot like any other season of life but the prospect of sun helps us to feel better. In the fall we have so much to be grateful for, we have the wonderful colours on the trees and the birds rising in the early morning to wake us up and it is a beautiful sight and sound. I really enjoy going for a drive and seeing all the beautiful leaves on the trees.

With autumn now started it is important to be able to keep healthy and to keep that vitamin D up. Did you know only 10% of your vitamin D comes from the sun, we need it in the vegetables and our diet. I love being able to cook different crumbles and it just about seems right when dinner is finished and a good crumble with custard or ice cream is for dessert. It makes the tummy warm which in time makes the whole body warm and well. Autumn, also known as fall, can be an interesting month and for a photographer like me I love taking the photos of the beautiful leaves changing colour and I look forward to doing more this year and adding to my portfolio. I enjoy looking forward to seeing the photos that are taken and how I can improve my photography skills.

Within the year we have four different seasons and in a day we could experience it-we are in England after all! The four seasons can be tiring and a lot of things can happen between them. Schedules change, people come and go, children grow up, the trees change colour and the clothes change. We go through so much change in a year but it is gradual that we don’t seem to notice. With all this change it is nice to be able to have something that is stable. Many put their stability on different things but I put it in God. God is the one who bought the seasons and who controls every part of our lives and will bring different seasons of life to us. How amazing with so much going on we have one who is consistent?!

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