Blog 125: Fathers Day


Fathers Day is in just 3 days and time to thank and appreciate our fathers for everything, all they do for us, all they have to put up with, all the protection they give, for food that they cook, all the DIY that they do, the love they show, the work they do, the experiences we have had together, the times when we have been able to turn to them, the growing up we have done. It is time to honour and respect the fathers we have had and all the things they have done to get us to where we are now. Everyday fathers have a lot to deal with but they make childhood what it is and makes a difference to their upbringing.

Nowadays a lot of children don’t talk to their fathers let alone know who they are. About 10% of all children don’t know who their father is. 20% of fathers are absent in their children’s life and have moved on. I am not here to judge but was amazed, or rather sad, facts, that is a lot of people in the UK. A lot of people that on fathers day will not need to celebrate, will not know what to do, will feel strange, will feel different from the others in their class. Fathers are instrumental in raising up their children and needing to be there for them. It is sad that so many fathers are not in their children’s life and almost have no interest in what they are doing.

This Fathers Day I want to thank my dad for being their, for making me laugh, for bailing me out, for lending me money, for providing for me, for protecting me, for helping me to develop, for giving up your life so I can have mine, for leading me to Christ, for helping to know how I feel, for loving my mum so much and showing what a potential husband should be, for loving me even when I make you mad, for helping me through the hard times, for supporting me when I have been away, for accepting my friends, for being fun, for the tickle times, for the presents, for the ice cream, for taking me to and from hospitals, for the discipline so I can be one in society, for being the best dad ever! My dad has been through a lot to get me where I am today. He may not be my birth dad but he essentially is because he has been through hell and back with me! He may not have given me the gift of life but life gave me the gift of Him and I am so thankful and blessed for this to happen. I am so thankful that when things were not going right He was there to pick up the pieces and to help me to keep on going in my life.

My father has been through everything from me being little and being a horror at school to now me being married. I love my dad so much, he has guided me, loved me and helped me to get through so many things. My dad is one of a kind and I love him for it. Not everyone has a father figure in their life but I am blessed that I do and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. I feel that through the things I have been through I have let him down but if he feels it he never shows it. He is still as loving and kind as He will ever be. He has helped me through the times when I don’t know where to turn, he is there when I need to talk to someone, he is there to help and to protect. I am so blessed that he is my dad and my children will have him as their grandpa.

I love my dad but he is not perfect and he would be the first one to say so. He does get mad and things do annoy him. Sadly He will never be perfect and He will never get to that point in his life. However, their is One who is my father and who will always be perfect. He will love me no matter what, He will care for me no matter what and He will be with me no matter what. When we don’t have an earthly father we can turn to we can turn to God and we are able to know that He is control of my life. God is the heavenly father and He is perfect. One day when we are with Him we will be perfect too!

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