Blog 119: Mental Health Month


Did you know that May was mental health month? Do you know what mental health is? Do you know anyone who has mental health problems? How would you feel if you had something wrong with your mental health? Does your best friend have a problem with their mental health? Are you aware of what mental health can do to your body? Do you realise how hard it is to keep on going when someone has mental health problems? Everyone seems to be talking about mental health and seems to be a ‘fashion’ that people are going through and others really do have it and it can affect their lives a lot. I want to say though that is is not a problem-the only problem is if you don’t get help! One moment they can be really happy and the next they can get really sad and annoyed. Often there is no reason for this and it just happens.

It is not something that should be taken lightly and not something that should be joked about. Mental health is a very serious thing that the royal family and the government are now talking about, eventually. It is so important that teachers are having training on it, children are being watched but not controlled, you are willing to invest time in your children, parents are looking out for the first signs of ‘something wrong with their child.’ There is nothing wrong with mental health but there is something wrong with how people deal with it and how it is spoken about. So many people feel scared of coming forward and having to talk about their mental health and so having a good support network around them can really help and be a good thing. It can be hard for people to open up about their feelings so lets not make it harder for them. If they need to talk listen and let them talk, if they want advice they will ask. Sometimes all they need is a bit of Tender Loving Care (TLC)

Just take a look at these statistics of mental health in the UK – how shocking are these:

1 in 4 people in the U.K. will experience mental health problems

6.7 in 100 people try to commit suicide due to their mental health

28% of the those that commit suicide have been a patient of mental health treatment

There are on average 16 suicides a day

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the country

How sadly amazing is all those figures. If you are not one for numbers just think about those for a minute. I say isn’t it amazing but it is also so sad that so many people feel this way and so often many people go through it in silence. Mental health is not something to be laughed at and not something that should be taken lightly. It can be a matter of life and death and is important to be understood. It is not easy to be able to see the symptoms of mental health and how people feel. Why? We are a nation that does not really talk about our feelings and we try to keep ourselves to ourselves. We don’t want to burden other people with how we are feeling and what we want to say to other people. We take the ‘stiff upper lip’ mode and it is not good for us or those around us to understand what we are going through. We need to start being more open with people around us that we trust and who we know can help us.

Mental health is labelled as a problem but is really is not! Mental health is something that needs to be talked about and something that should be made more aware of. With someone with mental health it is hard to tell someone how you are feeling let alone telling your loved one how you are feeling. Mental health is classed as a problem but it shouldn’t be. Mental health needs to be talked about and people need to be aware of it as only then will people understand what it is about. Don’t take my title too seriously, there will never be a full end to mental health until the new creation. As we live in a sinful world mental health will always be around but we can do things to help it.

No one will ever fully understand mental health and how you are feeling but there is One who does. God understands how you are feeling the minute you wake up until the moment until you go to sleep. He understand whether you feel lonely or are struggling. He understand why you are going through this period in your life. He understand and will put people in your life to be able to help you through it. However, when they are not around God always is. He is beside you and waiting for you to turn to Him and His love.

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