Blog 86: Patience is a virtue


If anyone of you know me you will know that I hate waiting, I hate having to just sit and wait, whether it be in the hospital, whether it be for another job, whether it be in my relationship, whether it be wanting a baby, whether it be wanting to go on holiday, whether it be counting down the days until I get married. I find it really hard to be patient and I like to think that I am able to control everything and everyone when I know I just can’t. I like to know when things are happening and my calendar is full of the little things that I am going to be doing each and everyday. I like to have a routine for everything because I hate waiting. I hate giving control over to someone else. I hate having to wait to go on holiday, to start a new job, to do something that I really enjoy. Patience is not my best thing and most people will know how impatient I get and how quickly!

When I know I’m going away I like to pack straight away, when I know I’m moving I want to do it right away, when I know something is happening I want to do it right then, when I got engaged I planned my wedding straight away, when I knew I had got into college I went out and got all my things for it even though it was a good 6 months away, when I knew I would be abroad for six months I wanted to get all the paperwork done as soon as I could, when I know something different is happening in my calendar I like to have it planned. Why? Because I hate waiting for the event to come, I hate knowing that something good is happening but I have to wait for it to come, I hate knowing that there is going to be a change and I have to wait for it. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a patient person! I want things to be done today and now and not tomorrow.

I hate waiting and not being patient but life is full of having to be patient. We all need to be patient and wait for things to happen. Everyday we have to exercise this let alone knowing that something is coming up in the future. You have to wait for the car to defrost, to get out the junction, to wait for the red light, to let the people cross the road, to wait for the manager to be free, to wait for the trains to turn up, to wait for the children as they finish school, to wait for our spouse to get home from work, to wait for a church event. Life is a waiting game and we all need to learn to be patient with it no matter what things are coming up. Everything is worth the wait and so much better to wait for things that are good then to rush into it.

This year I will be a married women and I look forward to it but there is so much waiting to do. So much things to organise, so many people to speak to, so many places to go, so much money to spend and we have to be patient. I have to wait for the day to come, I have to wait to wear my dress, I have to wait for my hair to be nice, I have to wait for my best friend to come over, I have to wait to see my future husband at the altar, I have to wait to go on honeymoon, I have to wait to live with my husband, I have to wait to have my own children. If it was my way the moment we got engaged I would have run away and got married but quite rightly we need to speak to people, have a budget, plan and save money. It will be well worth the wait though!

I especially always want to know what the future will hold and what is going to happen but I don’t and i don’t like to wait. I want to know so many things about the future but life doesn’t happen that way! God knows what the future is going to hold, he knows what tomorrow will bring and we don’t have to worry about that, He knows how we feel so we shouldn’t be scared. God understands that I may be scared of the future but I know that He cares for the birds of the air and so why should I be scared of what is to come in my life? He has planned and thought about our lives before we were even born! How amazing is that!

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