Blog 45: Three day weekend


I love having a three day weekend. I love to have my fiance around me for an extra day. I love to take a walk in the spring sun. I love to have the family around. I love to be able to be free and to do so much. I love the may bank holiday!

This last weekend it was good to be able to get out and to be able to spend time relaxing and with the family. It is really nice to be able to wake up on a Monday morning knowing that my fiance doesn’t need to go to work but we are able to relax and to do so much together. It is good to be able to have the extra day in the week to be able to plan and do some things. Monday morning we will always wake up in a mood and have the Monday blues but this last Monday it was lovely to be able to wake up and not say goodbye to my fiance but to spend a day with him.

May is such an amazing time to be able to have a three day weekend because spring has just started, the clocks have gone forward and so the spring flowers have come out. The weather has been amazing and I have been able to relax both in and outside of the flat. I have loved spending time with family and being together. This last Monday I especially enjoyed seeing all the bluebells and spring flowers. I don’t understand why we have two bank holidays in May but I enjoy having the time with my fiance and to be able to relax.

Different people head to the beach, to the pub, to the park, to the coast, to the movies and so much more. There are always a lot of people out and about on the bank holiday that i find it nice to be able to be inside and to relax and have friends around. I would much rather spend one bank holiday having a duvet day and the other being sociable. I enjoy doing things that I wouldn’t normal do and being with my best friend at the same time. I find it hard to relax on the one day because it is only one day and work happens the next day and things get back to normal.

However, I know that I am able to rest whenever because when I am heavy burden I know that the Lord will carry my grief and hardship and He will help me. He will carry me through the times when I can’t get through them myself. He will help me to be able to keep going when I have no energy and He will be there when I am lonely.

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