Blog 28: Why me?


I wonder how many of you have asked the question, ‘Why me?’ So many things happen in this life when you ask that question and if you have never thought this then you are really blessed. Life is a hard thing and it is important to remember why you are here and why so much happens. Everything happens for a reason although it may be hard now.

So many people have this thought in their mind so much of the day and they may feel that their life is not worth living and that it would be better not to be here so they don’t always have to have the question, ‘why me?’ Don’t get me wrong life is really hard and life can be a struggle for people, every person. Each person that you see always have something else that causes them pain and something that is going in their life but they are still getting through but they still have the question ‘why me?’ So many people are diagnosed with a terminal illness, so many lose their job, so many have miscarriages, so many can’t sleep, so many are estranged from their family and all of them still ask the question, ‘why me?’

Across the whole human race I would think that this is the most asked question that there is. I know that you would think that God is a caring God and he should be able to answer this question but so much happens that we are able to develop and grow as a person. We have these periods of our life where so much happens and why we think that bad things always happens to you. The truth is, is that these things all happen for a reason and they will all make sense in the time to come.

Over the last few months I have asked this question so much and I have wondered why so much happens to me and why God lets certain things happen. I have often found myself asking why I have to deal with these things and other people don’t have to. So many people go through things and we are not able to know them unless they talk to us. It is hard to believe you are hear for a reason and to have a purpose in life, its hard to think that you have a future and good things will happen but they will.

I know that good things will happen because God has promised this to us. He has promised to help us to grow and to help us to fulfil what he wants to do in our lives. I know personally that bad things will happen and this life is not going to be perfect. Life will be hard, it will be disappointing, it will be hurtful, it will painful, it will be a lot of hard work but I know that God will help me through each and everyday.

I might be able to trust anyone and may not be able to believe anyone but I know that God will be closer than my friends, my family or even my boyfriend. He will be there when no one else is, he will protect, look after and deliver me from all the things that are likely to go bad. I also know that life will continue to be hard but with God on my side nothing is impossible and God is the solid ground that I stand on, all other ground is sinking sand.

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