Blog 20: Its been a month…


I have realised that I have not posted anything for a month-the longest time that it has been. To be honest with you these last few months have been really hard and it has been hard to concentrate on my day to day life let alone then writing a blog. I have missed writing it but I have been dealing with a lot of things and I have needed to concentrate on myself and getting myself better.

Over the last few months happened, I have been to america for two weeks, I have been going on a lot of date days, seeing friends, doing some photography and have been going to a lot of appointments. Even though I have been doing so much this last month and a few weeks have not have been the best and I have not been very well. The advice that I can give anyone to read this is to seek out help if you feel that you need it. Keep those who love you close and keep those who won’t walk away closer.

It may be hard and you may be going through a season that is hard and trying, I surely am going through that time at the moment but I have learnt to keep those who love me and those who won’t walk away and those who keep in contact closer. I have made sure to keep contact with my friends because after all they are the family you choose for yourself. In my last blog ‘my boyfriend’ I wrote about how amazing it has been to get to know Dan and to be honest with you he has really helped me through each and every situation. It has been amazing to have him by my side through all the ups and downs-I honestly think he deserves a medal.

My church family have also been so amazing with giving me a place to live, a home that I feel welcome in, a shoulder to cry on and the time of day or night to talk about so many things that are hard and that I haven’t wanted to do. They have reached out to me in so many ways and have been my net that to catch me when more things go wrong or don’t go to plan. I am grateful for the people that have been able to help and support me to get through the last few months of a very difficult time. Even though I am grateful for every single person who has helped in my development I am more grateful for the One who is above all things and for the One who knows me better than anyone.

God has been truly amazing, he has put people in ‘the way’ to stop me from doing stupid things, He has directed me to a Bible verse that will help and encourage, He has been there when no one has been, He has been my light in the thunderstorm and he has been so good to me. Over the last few months some people have walked away from my life, some people have turned their back on me, some people have be rude, some people have targeted my weakness but God had accepted me for being me and it has been amazing to have him by my side all the way through this hardness.

I know that this a season in my life and it will eventually go but it is really hard. I know so many people have suffered and will suffer with depression and anxiety but all I can say is that it will get better. Keep people who love you and support you close and keep your friends close because they are the ones that will stand by you. It has been amazing over the last few months to see how even though everything in my life is changing I know God is unchanging and He will be with me when everyone else is ‘far’ away.


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