Blog 8: I’m tired of being tired


‘I’m Tired’ is a natural answer to how are you but do we really know what I’m tired means? So many people feel tired because they haven’t had enough sleep, have been tossing and turning throughout the night, have babies to feed every three hours, have been staying up gaming, have had a late night at a work meeting, had stress to think over, had a long conversation with a friend, been clubbing, been doing homework that is due in the next day, been cold, been too hot, been stressed etc. However, what about those people who are tired because they are just tired and haven’t had the above problems.

I feel like the latter person, I can have all the sleep in the world but I still feel tired and I still feel that I want to stay in bed forever, why? I want to stay in bed because I don’t want to talk to people and I don’t want to burden other people with my problems. Being tired isn’t a great thing but being tired with nothing to be tired about is even worse. I would love to spend my life in bed but I know that it wouldn’t help and that I would only get depressed. Staying in bed is not good for the body let alone for the mental health.

For me I am tired because being around people is too tiring, being with children is tiring, being with adults is tiring, being with friends is tiring, being with family is tiring, being with anyone is tiring let alone then doing activities. There is so much that makes me tired but does it really make me tired or is that an excuse not to do anything else? Sometimes I feel exhausted from being around people but then I just feel tired. I want to be able to do so much more but I know that I will crash and have a downward spinney of getting depressed.

I know that it is not good to always be tired but to get myself out of ‘my comfort zone’ and to be able to talk to people around me. I know it is good to get out and about and I know that the more people I socialise with or even be around it is good for the body and for the mind. Being too tired is something that I want to be able to work on and to be able to get out of bed at a good time and to be able to talk and develop my relationships with more people. I know that being around people can be hard and so it is best for me to put things in place after to help with it. It is important for me and probably for you to space things out and not to do everything in one whole go.

Even when I am tired I know I can do all things because God strengthens me and he helps me to be able to be strong when I am weak. God knows me a lot more that I know myself and He loves me more that anyone else. This should be a comfort for both you and I that even when we are weak God will give us strength and even when we are hurting God will help. It certainly is hard to carry all our burdens but God knows them and will help us to carry them through. As we do carry them through he will protect us, look after us but most of all he will love us.

So the next time I am tired I will rely on God that he will give me the grace to carry on and that I should hand over all of my burdens and troubles to him and he will give me peace. He will help me to have the energy to be able to carry on and he will help me to be able to have the strength when I really am tired and don’t want to get out of bed or do anything. He will place people in my life to be a blessing and he will help me to be a blessing to other people.


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