Blog 6: The hollow egg

The Easter eggs are on special, the mini eggs are stacked up in your house, the chocolate is beginning to go off and the next thing you’ll say is that you are on a diet! Easter is now over but the joy should always fill you heart. Why? Because of Good Friday and then Easter Sunday.

Not only is Easter celebrated by myself but by so many christians around the world. The beginning of Easter was about 2000 years ago when Jesus died and rose again. Easter is celebrated different days each year and this all depends on the full moon that occurs on or soonest after 21st March. Easter has many different sections such as Easter Week (also known as Holy Week), Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Holy week consists of Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday. Palm Sunday was when Jesus began his journey into Jerusalem and all the people praised him- those are the same people that would then betray him when he was lead to the cross. Maundy Thursday is reminding us about the last supper that Jesus had with his disciples before he died a day later. Both of these events are taken part in many of the churches across the country and across the world.

Good Friday is when I and so many other people are reminded about the sacrifice of Jesus and why He came to earth at Christmas. He was fullfilling His mission on earth and to save people from their sins. Easter Sunday is when Jesus rose again. He achomplished death but also the devil. In doing this He showed his power over the world and over death and over sin.

When I was a child and really now I still have the question of why is Good Friday called Good Friday. If Jesus died then why is it good? The whole earth shock, how can that be good? The temple curtain was torn in two, hows that good? The tombs broke open, not only how can that be good but surley that stank? It was good because the little baby who was born at Christmas not only came to do miracles but to die and then raise again for me and for you. Over the years I have learnt that Jesus was botn for me and to save me from everything that I have ever done. This was qnot thrown on me when I was a child, I have not been brainwashed but I have chosen this for myself. I don’t know what other person would die for me.

I’m not saying chocolate is great it really is but I am saying that for me Easter is more about the chocolate and the diet that I will go on after. Everytime I eat and easter egg and see that inside it is empty it reminds me of the One who died for me and the One who rose again. Did you know that is why the easter eggs are hollow, because the tomb was empty. Christ didn’t just die for me but all of us. Everyday I go out it burdens my heart looking at all those people eating Easter Eggs not realising what the true meaning is. Hollow easter eggs are then to represent the empty tomb and when the ladies went to the tomb it was empty. It saddens me when I have a Easter egg and it is full inside because that is not how the tomb was and thats what the Easter eggs should represent.

You may have grown up going to Sunday school, youth club and so many other events knowing what easter is all about but have put it to the back of your mind, may this year you dig it back out again and may it really hit you. Easter isn’t all about the easter eggs, the chocolate and the diet but more about the hollow Easter egg and why it was hollow. Jesus Christ came and died for all, not just for me and my family but for all of you. I believe that chocolate is wonderful but the person who died in my place is more wonderful. I know for a fact that many of my friends and family wouldn’t die for me so its really special that Jesus did. He didn’t die for me because I was alive then but because one day I would trust Him for all things.

Whatever you have got for Easter this year, however many easter eggs and what diet you will go on remember that Jesus died for you and He gave his life for me and for you.

Rebecca Brailsford

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