Blog 444: Two is better than one

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Do you ever find that a problem shared is a problem cared? If you need to stay up at night it is better to be with someone else? Having a road trip is better with another person. It is good to have a sibling than to be alone and it is the same with marriage. It is better to be two than to be one. I have found that being married is amazing and being with my husband is better than being on my own. We are able to talk about the things that upset us, we can talk about anything and everything but we can also rely and support each other. I am not saying that being single is bad but when you have two people it is so much better.

You do not have to be married to have the support but instead maybe you are closer to your mother or maybe you have a best friend that you can rely on. It is so much better to have that person that you are able to confide in, to talk to, to be supported by and so much more. Two are so much better than just one person and it is important for you to know that no matter what you are going through, no matter what you are struggling with and no matter what your future holds you need to be able to have that person that you are able to go to so that you can feel comfortable. Take it from me, with having mental health issues it is important to have those people around you who can support you through everything. It doesn’t have to be a sit down talk everyday but sometimes it can just be a cup of tea that is delivered to your doorstep.

I truly believe that two is better than one because when the other person is down the other person can help them up and vice versa. We were made to have company, to live in a family, to have support around us and to be in a community. We have all heard the phrase of it takes a village to raise a child and that is so true. It does not and should not just take one person to bring up a child. We all need to have the support and love from others to bring up a child but we also need to have that support for ourselves when we are growing up. It is very easy to support a child but can be harder to give and accept support when we are adults.

Throughout life there will be times when it will be hard to accept other people for who they are and there will be times when we want to give up but if we have the right people around us supporting us then there is no need to give up, there is no need to be on our own. No matter who I talk to I bet that you have friends and family around us. No matter where you live I bet that you have a community who supports you and wants the best for you. No matter what religion we have we will have those people who will want us to be the best that we can be. It is so important not to isolate yourself and to be on your own but instead to accept the help and support from other people-remember two is better than one.

With me saying all of this there will be times in life when we are on our own, we are away from other people and we may not have the support that we need. However we will never be alone and we will always have the One with us that can give us the biggest support and that can help us through our easiest and hardest days. God will be there when no one else will be, He will support us when no one else will, He will give us comfort in our time of grief, He will give us energy when we are tired, He will bless us when others want the worse for us, He will give us the situations that we are able to deal with, He will give us those people around us that are good for us or that we can learn a lesson from. God will be there with you through everything but all you need to do is to fully trust Him and give Him your heart.

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