Blog 442: God Saves

How God Saves Us and Saves Holiness - The Bible

If you were in deep trouble who would you turn too? If you needed help who would you call? If you had a problem who would be the first one you think of? There are many answers to those questions, maybe your mum, someone in your family or maybe even your best friend? We all have people that we turn to at some point in our lives and we all have someone who we want near us when things do not got the right way. No matter what life throws at us there is that one person who we rely on when all things go wrong and who we are able to talk to about almost anything and everything. I know that when I am having issues with my friendships or other people I turn straight to my mum but when I am having issues with work or anything else I turn to my best friend-who is the one that you turn to, to save you from certain situations?

We can turn to these people at almost any time of the day but there will be a time when they are too busy, there will be times when they need to help someone else, there will be times when you just aren’t at the top of their caring list. You know what that is ok, they need to have time when you don’t need them and you may not be there for someone else when they need your help. I am not trying to make you feel guilty but hopefully you realise that we all fail at helping other people and we all fail at being the best that we are able to be. We are not perfect and as much as we want to help people from certain situations we are not able to save them, we are not able to make their life less stressful and with minimum hurt and sin.

You know we will often be hurt by the fact that people don’t have the time for us and they are not able to save us from situations. However, there is only really one situation that we need to be saved from and that is from our SIN. From the bad things we think, the bad things we say, the bad things we hear, the bad things we listen to, the bad things act on. These are all things that no one else is able to save us from. We may be advised not to do certain things for our best interest but we still may go ahead with them. We will be forgiven by people around us and they will understand and probably not get hurt by it. However, God is not like that, God is One that we are able to turn to when we have done something wrong, when we have looked at that thing that we shouldn’t have looked at, when we have been involved in a conversation that we shouldn’t have been in, when we have said words that we shouldn’t have said.

God is the One that can only truly save us, God is the only One that we can turn to and He will look beyond our sin. In the Bible is says so many things that God does with our sin and it is truly amazing to read all about it. He throws our sin into the sea (Micah 7:19), He treads on our sin (Micah 7:19), He throws our sin behind His back (Isaiah 38:17), He blots out our sin (Isaiah 43:25), He forgets our sin (Hebrews 8:12), He removes our sin (Psalm 103:12), He covers our sin (Romans 4:7-8), He takes away our sin (John 1:29) How amazing to think that when God is in control of the whole world, when he has other things to deal with He is interested in us and He wants to deal with our sin because He knows that not only will it hurt Him but it will also destroy us.

We can read all the things above and be grateful and blessed that God took away our sin but nothing is for free because Jesus had to die to take away our sin. Because of His death God can look past our sin and see Jesus in us as the perfect holy one that we are meant to be. God is the only one that saves, He is the only one that can truly forgive our sin. God is the only one that we can fully trust and God is the only One that we are able to turn to at any point in the day!

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