Blog 439: God first


In all of the world there are so many people in relationships, married, dating, engaged and it is so sweet but there can be a lot of pressure surrounding it all. A relationship has to be perfect, there needs to be no arguments, it has to be a certain way, each party has to do certain things, you have to do this, that and the other otherwise it is not going to be good, every relationship has to be better than the one before, there should be no cheating etc, every relationship has to be perfect even though it is not. Society has a way that each relationship should be and if it is not that way then it is not good enough. We feel pressured to be better than we are and to have the ‘perfect’ relationship but everyone is full of sin that this is not going to happen.

However, my relationship is just the way that I would like it and no one should judge! We honestly want to do what is best for our relationship and what we both need. One of the essential things we are working for in our relationship is to be able to build each other up so then we are able to have children in a strong and wonderful relationship. We don’t know when that will happen but what we do know is that when the children do come along we want them to have a safe and secure atmosphere that they can grow up in. We want our children to know that their parents love each other and God is the centre of our family. Today expectations on relationships are really high and if it goes wrong then it is because one partner is doing something wrong apparently. However, things happen and we need to be able to work through them together and not just to give up and give up easily.

The main way for a relationship to work is to make sure that both sides are on the same page, they honour each other, they obey each other, they talk to each other, they try and understand each other, they talk about their issues but mostly they love each other. In our relationship we put God first and then we put each other first and then other people after that. Every husband should follow the Bibles example, Christ first and then his wife, the church and then His wife, Jesus and then his wife. As a husband does this so should the wife; Christ first and the her husband, the church and then her husband, Jesus and then her husband. This is the main thing to keep any relationship going, put Christ at the centre and the spouse afterwards. Christ bought us together and has helped us in our journey together and we need to trust Him that He will continue to help us in all the things that life throws at us. It won’t be easy but if we have God on our side then it will be better and God has a plan for us.

Nothing should come between us and God even if we have the best relationship or spouse or children in the world. God bought us into this life and He can take us out of this life, He provides for us, He sustains us, He keeps us safe, He protects us, He looks after us, He can change things within seconds. God is all powerful and all knowing and He has a plan for our life and we should be thankful and blessed that in this world of uncertainty God does not change. With everything that is changing and happening in the world we should be blessed to know that God knows what He is doing and He doesn’t change or come and go when He wants too. How thankful should we be that we are able to trust in God and He knows what is going to happen in our life before we do.

Society tells us how to live our lives and how to deal with our relationships but if we put God at the centre then He will bless us. God knows where we will end up in 5, 10, 20 years times, our spouse does not. God knows whether we will have children, our spouse does not. Gods knows how we feel before we say it, our spouse does not. God knows the medical problems we have, our spouse does not. How incredible is that? We think our spouse knows everything about us but they don’t because they are not God! We need to put God first in our lives and relationship and then everything else will fall into place.

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