Blog 437: Sun, sea and suncream


Don’t we just wish that the summer holidays were here already? Some of us have had the Easter break to be able to relax but most people only get fours weeks of holiday. I love summer, don’t get me wrong, but I hate the sand getting in my toes and the amounts of sun-cream I have to put on, the swapping of glasses and sunglasses, the fans that need to go almost 24/7, the water bottles that need to be packed every time we go out, getting fat on ice cream. The beach is a wonderful place to go to and a place to be able to chill, relax, eat ice cream and to catch the sun! It is an amazing place to meet friends and family and have time together in the natural place.

I have to say summer is one of the best seasons of the year and I love the sun pouring out on us and the rain stopping for a while. I really enjoy the late nights and the evenings with the wonderful sunset that comes along with it. The sun is an amazing thing but it can burn and eventually give skin cancer which is a horrible thing. The sun helps plants to grow and us to feel better as the slightest bit of sun can make everyone can feel better. It is incredible to think that God created the sun to help but it can also harm. I love this time of year especially when it is not too hot but I am able to relax in the sun, when I am able to chill, when I am able to spend more time outside in nature.

Some people are born sea babies and others are not water babies at all. I am the latter and I find it scary to go in the sea as I may get washed away by the currents. I love paddling in the sea but more than that I can’t handle! I would much prefer to have time in the lake where there is no currents. The sea holds so many different types of fish, from the tinniest shrimp to the biggest blue wale and many more. There are so many wonderful animals that this water holds and there is so much that we have not seen already! The sea is a wonderful place to have fun but we have to respect it because it is dangerous and can be deadly. Did you know the sea takes many peoples life each year because we do not respect it. It is incredible to think that God created the sea to give us water and keep us alive but it can also harm. It is amazing that the tides of the sea come from the moon and how it all goes together!

Summer is a time when we can have fun, when we can swim in the sea but can dry of quickly, when we can go outside without piling on the coats, when we can play sports and not get cold, when we can have late nights and not worry about the dark, when we can spend time as a family, when we can do so much and not worry about the cold or the darkness. Summer is a wonderful time to be able to be together and have fun. This is the time when we can have time with each other and we can be warm and stay out late without getting too cold and having to have the heaters on all the time. Summer is a wonderful time with all the new things that has happened, the summer holidays and the time on holidays or a break from the normal routine.

All the different things that God has created can harm us, all the different things that we come across can harm us. We have to put on sun cream to protect ourselves from the sun and we have to put on a wet suit to protect us from the sea. It is important to be able to protect us from the elements but it is important to be able to rely on our God to protect us. God can protect us from all the things that come our way but we have to rely and trust on Him to be able to do this. God will protect us from things that come our way but most of all there is a spiritual war between Satan and God. At the end of the day God will overthrow Satan and His ways. He will protect-trust Him.

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