Blog 436: Lost but can be found


Have you every been lost? Have you every been far away from family? Have your family forgot where you have been? Have you been so lost you keep going the wrong way? Have you been so lost that you don’t know who to call? Have you lost your child? Have you lost your wallet? Have you lost your car keys? Have you lost something that is important to you? Have you lost something that you need to find soon? Has something been lost for so long that you have given up trying to find it? Have you lost a child? Have you lost something significant?

We have all lost something in our lives and it can be so annoying to try and look and find it. Loosing something is not a good thing and most of the time it cannot be helped but loosing something can be a real pain. It can take time and effort to try and find it again and sometimes we just don’t have the time to do so and so we give up. Sometimes we give up too easily. Things can get lost but when we need to go out and something is lost it is even more annoying and it always seems to happen when we are in a rush or need to go quickly. Life has a habit of handing that deal of cards. Everyday people loose things and it is common but when we are lost it is even more scary. When we are lost from our family is is horrible. I find it hard when I loose my husband in the supermarket and that is just something small. I know that He would still be in there but knowing that I can’t find him is horrible and it makes my stomach churn just thinking about it.

Being lost can be scary to anyone especially a child who is lost from their family. A child is to be with their family and to be supported by their family however when they do get lost they can be scared and so can the parents. It can only be minutes or even seconds but with a child being out of sight it can feel like a lifetime. We have all heard of children being lost and some children, sadly, are never found and we never know when they will be found but other children are just lost for a moment.

When we were born we were born lost, when we go through childhood we were lost, when we go into teenage years we were lost, as we go through adulthood we are lost, as we get into old age we are lost, whatever season of life we go through we are still lost. Being lost can be cruel and you may be confused by the fact that we are lost even if we are adults but we really are. We don’t know our direction in life, we don’t know what our mission is, we don’t know what our plan is, we don’t know what we are or are not meant to do as we are lost. We are like a lost child looking for their father.

Even though we are lost our father is right in front of us. Even though we can’t fully see the Father is right in front of us. The Father, God, wants us to be able to run to Him and to be able to not be lost, He wants us to be able to feel accepted with Him. We are like sheep going the wrong way and not being able to follow the shepherd but He can show us the way to go. God is our Father and He does not want us to be lost in this world and the worldly way but He wants us to rely on Him and He will give us the understanding and wisdom that we need to keep going with life.

We may be lost in our thoughts but God knows what we are thinking before we are even thinking it. He knows how we are feeling before we say a word. He knows that things can get difficult but He will be there when we need Him and He knows that we need Him. I am so thankful that when I feel lost with all the things going on in life God will be there and God will protect us from what can make us lost in this world. Worldly things can make us lost but I know that God will find us and protect us as one of his children.

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