Blog 435: Chocolate and more Chocolate


What is your go to food? What is your comfort food? What food do you turn to when you are happy? What food do you want when you are not yourself? What food do you crave when things are not going well? Are you a healthy person and would rather eat fruit? Are a person who likes to have the odd treat? Are you someone who would go to the corner shop just to get some chocolate? Would you get out of bed just for chocolate? Would you pay someone if they bought you something sweet? Do you prefer savoury or sweet food? Do you prefer chocolate or a good sandwich?

I have been watching a program on chocolate and it is fascinating at how it is made and people think of more ideas to create. Chocolate is made in so many factories all across the world and the UK is the biggest consumer of chocolate across the world, maybe that is because we have the best with Galaxy and Diary Milk. I don’t know any other country with the variety of chocolate that we have. We have almost everything that we would like and the amount of sugar in each one is good and keeps us going but it can also give us a sugar crash as well. Having so much chocolate in my diet can be bad but when I am down this is the only thing that I would like. It seems to make me feel better and it helps me to keep calm when I feel that I am not in charge and I am failing.

It is amazing that a tiny little cocoa bean can become a bar of chocolate and so many are used every year to eat. Some people think that chocolate is a fruit because it grows on a tree and so do apples. As much as we wish this it is not true and it can make us fat and unhealthy. As much as we love the smell and taste of chocolate it can make us fat and it can harm us. It can be hard to say no when we have a good bar in front of us. I love chocolate, it make me feel good, it makes me feel better, it makes me feel happy, it makes me feel positive, it puts me in my happy place, it makes me feel good about myself. I don’t care whether it is a bar of chocolate or chocolate ice cream I will take it! There are so many positive things about chocolate but it does make me fat, it does make me have a sugar crash but it does give me energy to keep going. I would still take it over anything savoury.

Doesn’t it amaze you that the smallest seed can grow into an amazing tree. An apple seed grows to be an apple tree, an orange pip grows to be an orange tree, a grape seed grows to be a vine. The smallest things turn out to be one of the biggest and majestic of trees-it is incredible how creation works and how God grows and develops things from one of the smallest things. We look at creation and wonder how the world became how it is and that it because of how God created it. God is amazing and deserve all the praise that is owed. God created a seed that is so small but it can make something so big, so beautiful and so amazing that we can be awe off.

Through each and every thing that we see around us God shows us His creation, from the chocolate bar on the shelf to the seas tides, from the blossom to the new birth every year God created them all and we should feel thankful and be blessed. Even though we love chocolate and so much other food we have to realise that man made these but God made the tiny bean that goes inside of it. As an apple seed can grow into something amazing so can we. If we trust Jesus and His love for us He will grow us to be something better and to be working to make this world a better place. Just as a tree finds it hard to grow and develop, just as it needs water to grow so do we. For us to grow and develop it will be hard but we need to food of the Bible and we need to rely on that and ask for Gods help to do so.

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