Blog 434: He is risen

Do You Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ? | Biblica - The  International Bible Society

A couple of days ago you may have heard the phrase, ‘He is risen, He is risen indeed’ but what does that mean? Why do we celebrate Easter and why is it so important to so many people. Over the years Easter weekend has been sucked up with eggs, chocolate, time of work, food and so much more that we often forget as to why we have this day and we we need and should celebrate it. This past Sunday should not have been like any other Sunday. It should have felt different, it should have been different and it should have been something that we remember more. I know that Easter isn’t for everyone but if you are reading this then please hear me out.

Easter is not something that we need to think about all the time. Can you imagine if we had this much chocolate all the time? However, it is something that we should think about the reason why we have this day al the time. Did you know that Easter is for you, no matter how young, how old, where you live, what religion,who your friends are, this day is for you. This isn’t a day that is for you to just think about yourself but it is a day where you are able to think about the person who died for you on this day. Go ahead now and ask the most important person in your life whether they would willingly give their life for you? The answer may be yes if you were in a certain situation.

Go ahead and ask that same person whether they would pay of a debt for you. Again the answer may be yes. Ask the same person this question, ‘If you were perfect, lived a perfect life and then was beaten, spat on, had an unfair trial, your hands and feet were hung to a cross and your side pierced with a sword would you still give your life for me? Don’t be offended or surprised if the answer would be no. No one I know would give there perfect life for me, no one would give up their early 30s and die for me let alone die in pitch black on a roman cross with crowds jeering and shouting as they breathed their last breath.

You know read that paragraph again, no one would die for you. No one. Not even your parents as much as they love you, not your best friend as much as you talk to them, not even your spouse would die for you. BUT… there was One who died for you, there was One who lived a perfect life, there was One who was nailed to a roman cross, there was One who breathed His last breath for you, There was One who faced the judgement of those He created, there was One who was jeered at, there was One who was spat at, there was One who had an unfair trial, there was One where all His friends rans away when the worst came, there was One who was perfect but was still killed, there was One who died for you.

Jesus Christ, the son of God, the Saviour of this world died for you, He died for all the things you have ever done wrong. He died for all the things you have ever said out of anger or spite, He died for all the things you have ever thought, He died for all the harmful actions, He died for every cell in your body. He didn’t die because you asked for it but because you can then be saved and you can live for eternity with Him. He died so that you can be part of His family, so you are able to live a perfect life through Him and you are able to come to Him when you have done wrong. If you are not amazed by this then I really don’t know what you can be amazed at. A man who was perfect, who was fully God, who was fully Human died for you, died for ever thought, deed and action you have ever done and will ever do. He doesn’t ask for much in return just that you will fully trust and believe in Him. It takes one simple second to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I am sorry.’ It doesn’t have to be a fanfare but there will be celebrations in Heaven above because you have fully trusted in the One who died for you this Easter time.

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