Blog 432: Wedding vow accountability

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

It doesn’t matter how long you have been married, whether it be long or short you and your spouse need to be kept accountable for the vows you took on your wedding day and you need someone to be able to challenge you on them when they don’t think you are doing your best. It can be hard to challenge someone in their marriage but we all need reminding of things in our life and being in a marriage is no different. When we got married there was a restriction in the amount of people that could attend due to Covid-19 but we wanted as many people there as possible so that those who attended can keep us both accountable to our vows that we said to each other. The vows are like a promise to the other person but for life and it is important that we have people around us who can keep us accountable for the words that we said.

Our wedding vows were very simple and the traditional ones but we still need to have someone who can challenge us on them when we are slacking and not putting our spouse first.

I, Bride, take you, Groom– In saying this I was essentially saying that I would take my spouse with my whole heart and with everything that has- the good, bad and the ugly.

to be my wedded husband– I wanted this man to be my husband, not my boyfriend or fiance but my husband. To be the person that I grow old with. To be the person that I can annoy for the rest of my life. To be the person that I will eventually have children with. To be my soulmate and my best friend, not just for this moment but in every moment of my life.

to have and to hold– This doesn’t just mean for now and now only but this means for the rest of my life, this means that even when life gets tough I will still be sticking by his side and encouraging him to keep on going. It also means that whatever he has now I take him as he is and will love him.

from this day forward;– Not just today but from today. From today, for tomorrow and evermore. I would take my husband every day, no matter what the future holds I would take Him to be the person that I can turn to but he can also come to. To be the best wife that I can be.

for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,– these are the well known sentences of the vows and so they should be. Not only in health and wealth and when good things happen should I be glad that I married the person that I married but also when the time gets tough. I need to love my husband when its sunshine and rainbows but also through the storms, I need to love my husband when we are rich and have everything we need but also if we loose everything as well. I need to love my husband not only when we are both healthy and are able to run around but also when we are old, crippled and possibly unable to walk. I need and should want to love my husband through every part of life no matter what happens.

to love, cherish, and obey,– For some people they change get rid off or change the last word to be more feminist or not to offend anyone. I did not want to change this and so I said it just as it is. I did not need to change it but I need to be able to keep this vow. It is very easy for me to love and cherish my husband but to obey that is a harder one for me. Of al of these sentences the obey word is probably the hardest one for me as I have a stubborn head and like to do things my way. As my mum once said it is not asking your husband about the little things in life and letting him have control of you but it is letting him take the responsibility for the big things in life and obeying him and supporting him through them.

till death us do part, according to Gods holy law. In the presence of God I make this vow.– We didn’t want to make these vows anywhere else but in the church in front of the Christian family. However, due to circumstance we had to have a lot less people at our wedding than what we had originally planned but we still went ahead with the church wedding, we still went ahead with saying these vows in front of some Christian family and in front of God.

No matter what comes up, the temptations and other people we strongly believe that we are married for life. As I write this my maternal grandparents were married for 56 years and my parents have been married for 38 years and I wonder whether we can beat either of those. Unless God takes us away from each other we are married for life and this is something that you have to think about when you meet someone. Getting married is a serious thing and the choice should not be taken lightly. Think before your heart takes over!

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