Blog 431: Why is life hard?

Songwriting Is Hard. Life Is Hard. Here Are Three Ways to Make ...

There is no doubt about it that life is hard, there are so many things about life that is hard. We have to look out for money, we have to look out for family members, we have weird people out there, we have to keep an eye out for our bills, we have to just be aware of life because life is hard and there is no doubt about it. Sometimes life really does suck and we get ourselves into a hole that we feel that we are not able to get out of! How are you doing today? How do you real feel? Have you spoken to someone about how you really feel? We all want to have an easy life but in reality it is really hard!

I know that sometimes we are not able to talk to those people around us because they have their own problems, we feel that we cannot put another burden on them but honestly and from experience this is not the case. We are able to talk to those around us, we are able to tell them about how we are feeling, it may not change how hard life is but ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ and that is so true. We need to talk to people and have different opinions and advice that we do not always need to take. I know that this will be hard and I know that life is hard but we can get through it and we are able to talk to those people around us and shouldn’t be affected by those people around us.

Life sucks and believe me when I say I have had my fair share of hardships and I have had to learn to trust those people around us and I have had to know that those people around me are doing what is right for me and I don’t always have to listen to other people and their advice if I think it is not good for me. Life is hard and that can affect us emotionally, physically and most of all mentally and this can wear us down. We can get tired, we can get grumpy, we can get exhausted and that is hard which then makes life harder and we can begin to go in circles but we need to cut that circle and we need to stop the cycle otherwise we begin to get more down and we begin to think life is harder than it is.

I know that you are having difficulties of your own and I know that you may think life is hard but before you go round the cycle please see the things that you have around you, look at the family you have, look at the roof over your head, look at the device you are using to read this on. You are better of then some people that you know and your life may be hard but there are other people that have a harder life than you and just be thankful. Life can be crappy and it can be hard but you know what God can help more than other people can, He will be there when other people are not able to be there, we can talk to Him when we are not able to talk to other people, we can rely on Him more than we can rely on the person that is closest to you.

Next time you are going through a hard patch in your life and next time you are struggling remember Jesus struggled for you. He struggled on this earth and struggled in death so that we are able to rely on Him, to trust in Him, to love Him and for Him to be with us until the very end of the age! When life is hard instead of giving up will you rely on God? Will you come to Him when you are struggling? Will you come to Him when others are not around? Will you rely on God when things are going well? It is very easy to rely on God when things are good but what about when things are hard? Let us going forward rely on God and He will help you through anything and everything.

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