Blog 426: Dear God


If I was to ask you what prayer is, would you know? How many times do you pray in a day? Do you know who you are praying too? Do you know that there is only one God? If you were to die tonight where would you go? When things go wrong in life who do you reach out too? Do you believe in prayer? Do you think prayer works? Have you ever thought about praying? Do you know there is a God who listens to you? Do you know that God will help you? Do you know you can trust God? How do you start to pray? Why should we pray? Do you pray often? Do you only pray when it is right for you? Do you only pray when you need something or are in trouble? Do you know that prayer works? Do you know that prayer is stronger than any other thing on this earth? Did you know that prayer joins so many people together across the world? Do you know that there is only ONE God that we need to pray too?

Did you know that at the beginning of every year there is a national week of prayer when we think about those far and near who need prayer, people who are getting beaten for believing in Jesus, people who are having their churches burnt down, people who are having to go to labour camps, people who are in jail, people who are not able to see their families, people who are meeting in secret, people who have to watch their back, people who have turned away from their family to follow Christ, people who have had to  move because they are in danger. This is all because they trust and believe in Jesus and His death and Resurrection. How would you feel if this happened to you because you liked a certain football team, a golf match or just walked out of your house? Imagine you going to the shops and never coming back to your family or friends? Imagine how those people would feel.

There are people all over the world who are Christians and who are being beaten for what they believe and what is true, no historian or science can deny that. Did you know that the treatment of Christians across the world is getting worse and more and more people are being killed because of what they believe? How would you feel going to watch a football match that you were banned from watching and having to do it in secret. It would be soul destroying but you would do it anyway because you wanted to and you believed that your team would be able to win. This is why so many Christians still meet today. They may be banned in some countries but God has a way to keep His people together and meeting up.

Everyday we pray that God will bless us and help us to have a good day at work and to be safe but how many times do we pray for those who are not able to meet up, for those who are being punished, for those who are in jail, for those who are being beaten? It is horrible to think that some are still being burned alive, some are having acid thrown over their face, some are being disowned by family, some are risking their lives and all in the name of Jesus. Jesus came for us and He said that we would get hardship for following Him because He did when He was on this earth. Shouldn’t we just give up? NO! Just because we have the freedom now does not mean that we will always have the freedom, there will be a time when we will not be able to meet publicly but we truly believe that Jesus is coming back and He is the God of all gods and the Lord of all lords.

We need to be grateful that we have a God who we can trust and who we can live with forever. All who trust and believe in Him fully will be able to do this and will enjoy heaven with him. Will you be one of those people? Will you ask Jesus into your heart to change the way you live? Do you want your sins forgiven? Now before it is too late is the time to ask Jesus to change your heart and to make you into a better person but you have to believe it fully and believe that Jesus is able to change you.

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