Blog 423: You don’t need to be liked

you don't have to be like

It is the truth in life that we all want to be liked, we want to have more likes on our Facebook page, we want to have more likes on our Instagram, we want people to text us throughout the day, we want people to be in contact, we want o have many friends, we want to be liked. It seems the more we are liked the more we love ourselves and the more we are comfortable with who we are. We live in a society where the more likes we get the more we can be ourselves and the more we feel better about ourselves and the situations that we are in. It seems the more followers we have, the more friends we have, the more photos we post and get a response are able to feel so much better about ourselves. We all know that this should not be the case but it seems to be and it is hard and affects us more than we let on.

There are so many people out there who want to be liked, who want to be loved and it can and will be hard. It is hard when you don’t get validation to know that your are loved and people care for you but you don’t have to get likes on social media to know that you are loved. You don’t have to rely on internet ‘friends’ to know that your life is worthwhile and it is good to be here. It is always good to know that your photos are good, to know that people are interested in your life, to know that people want to stay in contact with you, it is good to know this but there was a time before social media and we need to remember that social media is not the be all and end all. Social media can be an amazing thing but it can also be a dangerous thing too.

Newsflash: It is totally okay not to be liked! You do not have to be liked in order to live your life. There are people who use social media to cause harm to other people but there are others that use social media to the benefit of other people too. It does seem that there are two different types of people that use social media and then there are those people that use it to store photos and message people around the world. Life is an adventure and to keep up to date with other people social media can be amazing and it keeps friends together and in contact with each other. However, you do not need people to be in contact with you in order to be liked and to feel loved. It is a nice feeling but reach out to those people who have been silent and struggling.

We all need to know that social media can be great but it can also be harmful. We need to use it wisely and we need to make sure we do not troll other people and harm other people through it. It is important that we use social media for the good of ourselves and other people. Social media can beat us down, it can make us insecure, it can make us mad, it can make us stalkers, it can make us keep in contact with us, it can make us store our photos, it can make us feel better about ourselves, it can help us with living our life and it can be great. Social media is good if used wisely. As much as we want to be liked we will find it hard to always be liked and loved by other people. People let us down and they can leave, they will and can harm us but if we are happy in our own body and with who we are then nothing will be hard and we will keep on going.

As much as we want to be liked by other people we will not always be, they will let us down and we will let them down too. Life will be hard but if we are accepted by God, ans we are, then that is all we need. God is the one who made us, He is the one who likes us, He is the one who loves us no matter what. God made us the way we are and we need to be pleased with who we are and not judge other people for who they are and what they do. We should not judge other people but accept and love them the way that God does.

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