Blog 420: Keep love going

Happiness is seeing an older couple holding hands

Don’t you just love it when you see an elderly couple holding hands walking down the street? It shows that love doesn’t have to get boring and old as you get old. You can still keep that spark alive but sometimes it will take more work than other times, sometimes you have to put in more effort than the other person, sometimes it will take late night chats and sometimes it may even take a weekend. Someone once told me this story: ‘So a man was talking to his friend and said that he is a his wife were struggling to talk in the day and he didn’t understand why. He friend told him not to go to bed angry but to talk through the night if needed. A few weeks later the two men met up again and the friend said that he looked very tired. The man replied saying that you told me to stay up all night if we went to bed angry so that is what I have been doing. I haven’t slept in 3 days!’

Reading that story would you expect that ending? Would you sacrifice sleep so that your love can continue? Sometimes it is very easy to go to bed annoyed or angry with our spouse but as much as we are struggling they may be struggling too and we need to talk about it. We need to talk about how we are both feeling and a marriage isn’t a one way thing, instead it should be 30-70. We need to put in more effort than our spouse and we need to think about our spouse as much as we think about ourselves and that way love will last. Love is something that if it is really strong you will be able to get through anything and everything.

Some days will be harder than others and some days will be easier, some days you will be able to go to sleep straight away and other days you may have to stay up late into the night talking. You may even need to stay up all night but you know what I love sleep so much but I would give up sleep in order to talk to my husband about anything and everything. Marriage and love is not something that is easy, some days will be harder then others but if you can get through the hard days you can get through anything. No matter what you are going through today or what you will go through tomorrow become a team with your spouse and it will be so much better! A problem shared is a problem halved and we all need to know that-we need to look after each other and love each other more and more each day.

No matter what you are going through with your family, friends or children you need to know that at the end of the day love will win, love will prevail and the more love you show to other people the more love they will show back to you. However, this may not always be the case, there will be times when hurt is given to you but also you are not perfect-there will be times when you hurt other people and sometimes that needs to be changed. If you think you have upset or hurt someone the best way to show them your love is to go and say sorry. It is only five letters long but sometimes the hardest word to say. In order to keep the love going in your life between yourself and other people this is one of the major words that you will learn to say. We are quick to teach our children how to say sorry but how often do we use that short word ourselves? The key to keeping our love growing and developing is saying sorry to those people that we have hurt.

Over the years we would not have loved those people as we should, we would not have put other people first and we certainly would not have said sorry in a meaningful way. Our love to others will fail and throughout life we will fail other people but you know what God does not fail us, He is there throughout everything, He is there to pick us up when we fail and He will be there to keep us going to love other people. No matter how good or bad we love other people He will love us like nothing else and He will love us even when we fail him.

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