Blog 419: Love your spouse

Four Ways To Love Your Spouse Unconditionally | LIVE & LOVE Enrichment™

When was the last time you let your spouse know that you love them? When was the last time that you let them know they are precious to you? How do you show that you love your spouse? It was just two days ago that we celebrated valentines day-the day of love. However, I bet that now two days later you have forgotten about it and you have been busy with other things. Things have happened in your life, people have needed you, maybe you have children that are demanding, you may have busy jobs and you may not have even been able to celebrate Valentines day but do you really need just one day in your life to celebrate the love you have for another person? We shouldn’t just think about loving our spouse when we are in a good mood or when they have made us happy but through every part of life.

There are so many ways that we are able to love our spouses and we can learn about our spouse everyday and not just when we are dating. Just take one step a day and take a moment a day to show love, it can be as little as learning their love language- this may be through words of affirmation-maybe slip a note with their love; this may be acts of service-this could be as simple as making the bed in the morning so its clean when they come back from work; this may be receiving gifts-it could be as simple as buying some flowers for your wife on your way back home, it really does not have to be expensive; this could be quality time-maybe your spouse just wants to have some time together, they may just want to have a movie and meal night, again it does not have to be expensive, it could just be a walk around the block but just make sure that you are both in the moment, the last love language is physical touch-we all know what that means!

There are small things that we can all do to love our spouse, as much as we probably love our spouse anyway we can always love them more, we can always spend more time with them, we can always give them more hugs, we can always get them more presents, we can always keep the house tidy, we can always do more than what we already do. It doesn’t have to be hard work but it should be continual work because we love our spouse. Once upon a time we loved our spouse but once you get married sometimes it is so easy to be focused on yourself, it is so easy to be focused on me, me, me but in reality we need to think about the others persons wants and needs. It is all about 70:30. We should give more than what we expect back. As much as you want to focus on yourself and your wants and needs you should also be mindful of your spouse, their wants, their needs and their feelings.

Sometimes it is hard to talk about the things that we need or want and sometimes it is hard to talk about the things that are bothering us, there will be times when we need to talk about things when we are tired, when we are hungry, when we are busy so it is important that we need to talk about everything to our spouse. Sometimes it will be hard but it is worth it and eventually you will learn how to communicate and love your spouse so much more. Sometimes it is easy to concentrate on ourselves, our feelings, what we want and need that often we forget to say thank you. These are two main words that we learn when we are tiny but how often do you use them and how often do you use them for your spouse?

It is so easy to feel that we are hard done by by our spouse but we need to appreciate them more than we let on. Not only should we be thankful for our spouse but with everything in life. we have to be thankful to God for putting the people in our life and for giving us the spouse that we have. We should not take for granted the people that we have, for the things that we have around us, for the food that we eat and for the spouse we have. When we have hard times, remember that God is in control and he will give us strength through everything that life throws at us.

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