Blog 416: True Love

How to Create True Love. A short guide to breakthrough… | by Duncan Riach,  Ph.D. | P.S. I Love You

When you meet someone do you feel true love? We often watch movies that have ‘true love’ and it gives us false hope to be honest. We often crave true love and we often crave wanting to be wanted and it is unrealistic and the movies that we watch don’t help this feeling either. We often want to be in love because we feel better, we want to be with someone that is like ourselves, we want to be accepted by so many people that we will often open our heart to the wrong people. In order to have true honest love you need to be able to love yourself for who you are before you can really truly love someone else.

Loving someone else is amazing and such an incredible experience but in order to truly love them and be there for them you need to be able to truly love yourself. If someone truly loves you they will not want to change anything and everything, they will want you to be better but not to change you for their sake. In order to truly love someone else you will need to grow and develop yourself and then together rather than making them to be more like you. If you accept someone as they are and truly love them then you will get truly loved in return.

How often are you yourself in front of that person that you love? It can be scary at first, they may feel that you are gross or disgusting and if they think that are they worth your love and time? When I was dating my now husband I would make sure that my make up was on, my hair was done nicely and I would try and not sleep in front of him, (no one likes to see my sleep face!). I wanted to try and put these things of for as long as I can but in the end I knew that I wanted to marry this man and so I had to get over myself. The moment that I knew that I wanted to marry him I still din’t let myself go. I wanted to be better than the other people that he could possibly be with.

When we were dating I was very anxious, I was scared and I was worried that he would go of with someone else. I got to the point in my life that I was having mental health problems, this had nothing to do with him but I was still scared and worried. It was at this point that he gave me true love back. He didn’t want me to be different for him, he didn’t want me to be different for other people but instead he wanted me to be better, he wanted me to be better for myself and to have a better future. I didn’t want to show him my crying face, I didn’t want to show him my runny nose, I didn’t want to show him me throwing up and I certainly didn’t want to show him the cuts on my arms but when I did the true love he gave me was truly amazing!

It took months for me to show myself to my now husband and it took time for him to realise that is who I am and that I needed help. He wanted me to be better but it takes time and eventually I will be able to be better. There will be times when we have our issues and there will be times when we don’t like each other but we will still love each other. There are times when we truly don’t know what we have done to be loved like this but also I am grateful for the love that my husband has given me. I know that through everyday and everything that goes on there will be one that loves me more than anyone else and that is God. God is the one that will truly love me for who I am, He will love me when I am sick, when I have hard days, when I can’t stand to be around other people and when I am lonely. I know that whatever time of the day it is I can come to him and He will be there, willing to listen and willing to love me. There is no one else in this word that could love me as much as He loves me and we should be thankful!

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