Blog 415: Just tell the truth

tell the truth

Why do people lie? Why do people think that they are able to get away with lying through their teeth? Why do people do it when they know they are going to get caught out? There are several reasons as to why people lie and some can be quiet simple and others can be quiet hard to understand. I have been with and seen so many people who lie and it has been hard to trust those people. People close to me have lied to me and it has affected how I trust other people and how I want to believe people but I do have a serious trust issues because a lot of people near me have lied to me and have really tried to take me as a mug which I know I am not. There are so many people in the world that lie, they want to keep their affair secret, they want to be better than what they are, they want people to think they are better than they are, they want to be accepted by society. However, this does mean that they lie to make themselves look in society.

Many people lie everyday! People lie to prospective employers because they want to look good and get a job, they lie on their first date because they want to look better, teens lie because they want to go to a party and don’t want their parents to know where they are, wives lie because they want to get more clothes. When you think about it so many people in our lives lie and is it a wonder that we have trust issues? There are different reasons as to why people lie, they are in denial of who they actually are, they want to manipulate the other person, they are insecure and it is so sad that because they are going through all these things they have to lie about their life. Every person that we meet has lied at least once or more in their life.

The world is full of lies that it is hard to tell the difference between what it honest and what is a lie. Not only is it because we are sinful that we find it hard to tell the truth but we are surrounded by lies by our children, the news papers, the politicians, the teachers, the TV, the media, the child care, society, the schools and so much more. The world is full of lies and it is no surprise that we follow suit. We are sinful and so for us to it is easy to lie to other people but we should not use society as an excuse. We are not perfect and that is okay, we are prone to lie, we are prone to tell other people things that we are not. This is not something that we should do, we should think before we speak, we should think before we see other people, we should give our brain thought before we say anything.

Telling the truth can be hard but when we do tell the truth we will feel so much better about ourselves and about other people. The more people who tell the truth we will be able to trust other people because not everything will have to go through a lie filter. Telling the truth is a huge thing in our world and it seems that less and less people know what this 5-letter world is. If we asked children what truth is I don’t think they would know because we are not surrounded by truth anymore.

In this world it is hard to see the truth in the things that we do, the things that we say and the people that we see but there is one place where we can find the truth, there is One that tells us the truth and we can believe it. The Bible is full of Gods words, it is full of Gods truth, it is full of Gods perfect life, it is full of Gods miracles, it is full of Gods holiness. In the world were there are so many lies, so much hurt that we are able to go to Gods word and we are able to get the truth that we need in this world. God is the one that we can turn to when other people are lying to us. When we are insecure we can come to God and we will be secure in His love, we will be secure in His peace, He will keep us secure in His arms. When we are manipulated we can come to God and know that He will not make us do things that are not good for us and everything that we do He has a plan for. He need to trust the One word that God has put in our lives because He does not lie.

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