Blog 413: Being Thankful

October, The Month of Being Thankful | by Evan Robertson | Koinonia | Medium

How often do you say thankful and how often are you thankful for the things and people that you have in your life? Thank you is just such a small word (check out another blog here) and sometimes we often don’t say it or find it hard to say those two simple words! Why? Are we scared? Are we not thankful? Without sounding too cheesy I am thankful for every person who has ever read my blogs, I am so blessed to have been able to reach out to just over 25% of the world and am so thankful that even though I do not know you all I am able to help you in your life. We are now into the new year and it is very hard to be thankful for the weather, the jobs we have and the family we have had around us. Instead we grumble about the back to work blues, the dark mornings in January and having to go back to work.

No matter what country I have been in I have found it very easy to hear grumbling and not much thanks! We are into the new year and so what can you be thankful for? What can you find as a blessing in your life? If you can’t think let me give you some clues- the time off work you have just had even if it was just one day. What about the family you have had around? What about the gifts you have received? What about the job that you have been able to go back too? It is very easy to look at the harder things in life, to think that the time of work was not long enough, to think that your family are frustrating, to think that you didn’t want certain gifts and that you have to go back to work instead of being with family. You see how we can turn thankfulness into moaning and how we can grumble about the things we have around.

Thank you is two simple words that should be used most of the time. Thank you is two words that is important in everyday life, no matter what we do and no matter who we are with a small token of gratitude is worth nothing. We have so much to be thankful for from the roof over our head to the family that you can call. It is very easy to grumble about the things that we want and the things that we think we need so we find it hard to be thankful but we actually have a lot of things to be thankful for. We often find it hard to be thankful but during this time we need to be thankful for everything that we have. We have just had time of for Christmas and new year that so many other people do not get and so we need to be thankful.

Not only can we be thankful for the time that we have had off work but we can be thankful for the family that we have been able to spend with, the friends that we have been able to see and the beautiful sunsets that we have been able to witness. Think about the birds when you get up in the morning and what a beautiful sound they make, think about the bed that you have been able to sleep in last night, think about the transport that you have in order to get to work, think about the money you have earned in order to have time off and think about the love that you have been surrounded by.

We can be thankful for all the worldly things that we have but more importantly we should and need to be thankful for Gods love for us. Not only does he love us so much that he gives us everything we need but He also loved us so much that He gave us His only son for us. He loved us before the world was made, He loved us before our parents even loved us, He loved us before we loved him. We should be thankful for the love that God has shown us so we can be part of his family, so we can live forever and so we can call Him our father. Being part of Gods family is something that can be given to any of us but the only thing we need to do is to accept Jesus in our heart.

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