Blog 412: Are you ready to forgive?

Do you find it easy to forgive and forget or are you just one to pretend to forgive? There will be people in your life that you will find hard to forgive and there will be people in your life that you do not want to forgive but we need to and we must not only for them but also for us and our healing too. No matter how hard other people have hurt you, no matter how mad people have made you, no matter how much someone has made you cry you have to forgive, you need to do it. It doesn’t matter how you feel you have to do it mainly for yourself.

In forgiving others you are able to accept yourself and learn from the experience that you have been able to have. When you have been through a tough time it is time to learn and time to realised that you are able to grow through this experience. It may affect you in the meantime but as my mum has always said, ‘will it affect you in 6 months time?’ If it does then you need to learn to forgive and to heal and if it doesn’t then you need to move on and not let it effect you. There will be times in your life that are hard, people will hurt you, people will try and get you down, people will try and destroy you but no matter how hard it is you need to forgive. You need to forgive them not just because you need to but because we have been commanded too.

People will hurt us and sometimes they don’t mean to but it is part of life and it part of the human race. Just imagine the things that you have done to other people and the hurt you have caused other people and it easy to see as to why you can’t bear to forgive other people. We have hurt so many people in our lives but we have also hurt the One who made us, we have rejected Him, we have cussed Him, we have thought that we are better than Him, we have thought that we know best, we have been arrogant, we have been rude, we have ignored, we have been boastful, we have been big headed and so you would think that we do not deserve any forgiveness. Instead God looked down on us and knew that His plan for us was to be saved.

God did not look at us and think we did not need to be saved, God did not look at us with His nose up, God did not look at us with anger but instead full of grace. He looked at us with His heart full of love and sent His son for us. He sent His only son for us so that we are able to be saved, so that we are able to be part of His family and so that we are able to come to Him at any time of the day. God did this so we are able to be forgiven and we are able to be saved. Jesus gave up His life for us so that we can be saved but we still find it hard to forgive other people! We still give excuses about not being able to forgive other people but God didn’t give any excuses, instead Jesus gave His life for us- would you do that for someone? Would you give your life for someone if they needed your forgiveness?

I know that in our past we still think of things of how people have wronged us and we still think of things that people have done to harm and hurt us but we need to learn to forgive, we need to learn to let it go and we need to learn that we can move on. We will be hurt and it will take time to forgive and move on but we need to do it-not only for ourselves but for theirs too. Just because we have forgiven someone does not mean that we need to talk to them and have a relationship with them but we and they will feel better. We would have forgiven them just as Jesus forgave us. Is there anybody that you need to forgive? Is there anybody you need to talk to? Take this moment now to think about those people that you need to forgive and move on with your life as well as being thankful to God for forgiving everything that you have done in your life.

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