Blog 411: Open Up

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How do you feel when someone asked you a personal question? Are you willing to open up or would you prefer to keep quiet and keep to yourself? In order to open up you need to be willing to trust other people and you need to know that the other person will love you no matter what goes on in your life. In order for other to know how you feel you need to open up and you need to be willing to be vulnerable, you need to be willing to open up your heart and you need to be willing to to get to know other people as well. 

In life you will come across so many people and you will need to open up to a certain extent but when you meet that someone special you will need to really open up and to be vulnerable. You will need to talk to them about the things that pain you, about the things that make you tick, about the things that make you happy, about the past, about your dreams for the future and so much more. In doing this and gradually trusting the other person you will be able to open up and be more of yourself. When you are vulnerable it does not have to mean that you are naked making love but instead it can be that you are just talking openly and willingly to the other person. You are talking to them about your fears, you are talking to them about the things coming up in the week, you are reminiscing about memories. Opening up can be a simple as saying what you favourite thing is about your partner to them.

If you feel that you are not able to open up in talking then maybe you find it better to write it down, maybe you find it better to put all your feelings onto paper and to let the other person read it in their own time. There will be times when you are both so busy with life, family and work that there may not be times when you are able to talk deeply to other people but instead you are able to know that the other person loves you. You will be able to trust the other person because you have already opened up to them and they to you. Opening up takes two people, one needs to be willing to say things that they are scared to say and the other needs to be willing to listen and to be patient. 

In every marriage there will be sometimes that are harder than others and there will be sometimes that need more work but in it all you should be thankful that you have a person next to you who wants to go through life with you. Opening up to that person in the beginning will be hard and you may not think that it is worth it but believe me every moment with that person putting yourself out there will help in the future. When your partner is opening up to you remember to be kind. There may be some stories and events that you find funny because you were not there but in fact they find it really hard to talk about. Instead of being laughed at they need to know that you are listening to them and you are willing them to open up more. Through everything you need to be gentle, you need to be gentle with their feelings and their thoughts-there may have been many people before you who did not understand and for them to show you their vulnerable side will be hard for them so be kind and gentle.

There will be things in our life that will be hard to get over, we would have been emotionally damaged, we would have been mentally damaged and so to open up and talk about them will be hard. We will be scared about opening up to future people and we will be scared to be the person that we want to be. Instead we need to to trust in the Lord and His love for us, we need to trust that He will surround us with people who will accept and love us, we need to know that through everything He will always be there for us when other people leave. There will be many people in our life who do not understand what we have and what we will go through but God understands and the best bit is that through every turn and difficult path we face He can be right beside us. He can be there for us and all we need to do is to fully trust Him with our whole heart-will you do that today?

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