Blog 410: Take time for yourself

How to Find Time for Yourself

How often do you take that time to yourself? How often do you have that bath that you have always wanted? When was the last time you went out for coffee on your own? We always want people to apologise in order for us to move on but sometimes that is not possible, sometimes the apology will never come and we have to come to terms with that and move on with our lives. People can be hard to understand, some people can be hard to let go and some people can gradually destroy our lives but instead we need to move on and we need to take time for ourselves and we need to understand that we do not need to impress others to be happy with ourselves. 

We are often quick to point out other peoples faults, we often put other people down but how often do we look at the log in our own eyes and the four fingers pointing back at us? We need to take time for ourselves and we need to realise what we need to change about ourselves before we look at other people. I often wonder how I can try and other people, I wonder what I can do to make people more like me and what can make me be better than other people but I often need to remind myself that I am not perfect and I do not need to change other people because that is the way that they are made. 

Instead of changing other people I try and change myself to be better, I try and be better than I was the other day. Instead of changing other people I live, love and laugh and try and take time for myself to be better. I try and move on and heal myself, I try and forget about the past and move on, I try and know that one day I will be better and I try to forgive people each day as I would like to be forgiven for the things that I have done wrong. In taking time for myself I am able to let go of past hurts and pain, I am able to learn how to accept other people for who they are and learn how to accept who I am with all the flaws that I have.

When there are things that I do not like doing, and things that I may have done wrong I take responsibility for my own actions even though it may be hard. There will be times when I do not understand why I do certain things but what I do know is that if I take time for myself then I am able to learn more about me and that I can be a better person. In letting go of past pain I have been able to move on with my life, I have been able to allow myself to heal, to put my focus on myself and my future me. There have been things that I am not proud of and things that I know I should have done and that I didn’t and things that I shouldn’t have done and did do. There are things that I have been able to accept about other people, about their pains, about their feelings and about their life. It is important to take time for yourself and how to move on and deal with past pain as well accepting those people around you even when it is hard to do so.

I know there will be times when we are unable to have times for ourselves, there will be times when we are not able to put behind past pain, when we are not able to accept others for who we are but there is One who is able to help us to accept other people and to deal with our past pain. God is the One who is able to accept us for who are, He is able to put away our past pain and help us to forgive other people for the things that they have done to us. It is because of His great love for us that we are able to take time for ourselves, we are able to know that we are loved because of Gods great love for us, we are accepted because God accepted us before we were born, we are able to take responsibility for everything that we have ever done because God forgives everything that we have done. In order to do this we need to know that God loves us so much that He sent His son for us and we need to accept this love for us.

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