Blog 407: Christmas Memories


Most of us remember what happened last Christmas but what about the year before? Or even 5 years ago? What about 10 years ago? Surely not 20 years ago? Without a doubt this is a period in our life that we remember things that have gone on, we remember those people around us, we remember the first time when there was an empty seat from someone who passed away during the year, we remember some of the gifts that we received, we remember some of the food we had, we remember some of the places we went to, we remember the people that we were around but how often do we think of the more detailed memories?

There are times in our life that we remember more things than others and Christmas can be that kind of time because there are so many emotions that go along with this period of time. We often find it easy to remember the things when they are attached with emotion and that is a good thing because we often are able to remember those people that are around us at that time. Over the years there have been so many Christmases that I can remember, from people missing due to other arrangements, to the first year without my grandad, the first year in our new house, the first year married and the first year with other people. As much as those are happy memories there are also sad ones that we remember too. There are ones when we remember when things go wrong, I remember when I broke my parents wedding wine glass on Christmas day-that should not be repeated by anyone.

Emotions are a strange thing but most of all we need to know what our emotions are and then realise that our memories are something that will come and go and sometimes we will remember some happy and sad once. Some things will be happy memories and sad memories but this Christmas time remember those times when things were good and fun. Christmas is a time to appreciate all those people we have around us, appreciate all the gifts we have around us, all the food that we are able to eat and we need to remember all the times that we have had with other people in the past. We can be aware of memories that surround us but we also need to remember to make memories too. We are all aware that time goes so quickly and time can fly by so we need to grasp memories with those people we love all the time and the experiences that we are able to have.

There will be times in our life when we have all those people we love around us but there will also be times when people have passed on and so it is good not just to think about the person but also about the memories they have bought to our lives. Christmas is a time when we think about those people who has passed on in the year and also a time when we can look to the future and see what we want to change about our lives. We know that time goes quickly and a time will come when all the people that we have around us will just be a memory. Things come and go and so we need to make memories with those people, places and things around us.

There will be times when we miss things, there will be times when life is hard, there will be times when we don’t understand things and there will be a time when we wanted things to be different but we need to understand that there is always a reason for why things happen. We may not understand why certain people are just a memory and why we miss them but we need to understand that God can help us through and He will help us to focus on Him and the love that He will give us. There would have been and will be so many people in our life that have passed on and love us but we should know that as much as these people love us there is One who loves us even more. There is One who loves us no matter what we feel, no matter whether we are sad or happy, no matter whether we break things or forget things and no matter what we think about our past. Jesus doesn’t just love us today but He loved us yesterday and will love us tomorrow and for the rest of our lives until we are a memory to other people.

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