Blog 404: Troubles at Christmas


Do you love Christmas or are you one of those people that dread that time of the year coming around? This is a time of year that should be joyful, we should be full of happiness, we should be full of awe but instead this time can be full of conflict for so many couples and families. This is a time when as a family unit you have to start you own traditions, you have to think about what your children want to grow up with but it can also be a time of letting go of some of the things that you have done as a child. It can be a time when different decisions need to made and things need to be sacrificed but we are not always willing to sacrifice something that has bought us so many good memories.

When the first Christmas come round for so many married couples it can cause so many arguments and drama that does not need to be had. There will be conflict over the things that need to be scrapped but also those that we want to have as traditions and like everything else in a married life there has to be some sort of compromise but even better different traditions could be made for just you! It should be such a joy to be able to make memories with those people that you love. There will be so many different things that go on in your life and you have to understand that your spouse will have different needs and ideas to you.

Christmas is a time that can be hard and full of arguments but at the end of the day we should feel blessed that we have family around us and we are able to spend time with them. There are loads of stresses in our life but for one day we need to be able to put all those things aside and be thankful for those people and the things that we have around us. Christmas can be a time that is full of love but it can also be full of hurt too. We need to realise that some people are not surrounded by family or friends and sometimes, especially now we need to think of those people and see how we are able to help them. Christmas is a time of people getting together but some are not able to do so because of previous trouble and not being able to be with family. With that being  said Christmas is not the time that we leave people behind but we  include everyone.

It is much easier to focus on ourselves and our family but we need to think about those people that may be on their own. There are many reasons as to why people have troubles at Christmas but we need to realise what the real meaning is about Christmas. We need to know that as much as Christmas and our family is important we need to know that Christmas is not all about family, friends and presents but instead there is a better reason and meaning to Christmas. There is a bigger reason as to why we have this season and we need to realise that there is so much more to this time. When you look at the word Christmas what do you think off? Do you think of presents? The Christmas tree? The roast dinner? The snow? The holidays? The family? The buying of gifts? The nativity plays?

We often think of so many other things that surround this time of year and often forget the real meaning of this time. We often forget that this is a time that we are so focused on the things around us and not about Jesus who cam thousands of years ago. We forget that it was because of Jesus’ birth that we are able to have this time, it is because of His birth that we are able to be saved, it is because of His birth that we are able to have life, it is because of His birth that we are saved, it is because of His birth that we can have this time. We may have troubles at this time but we need to put these things to one side and we need to realise what the real meaning is and to think about that rather than all the other things that surround this festive period.

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