Blog 403: Our traditions


Since we have all been small we have had our traditions, whether that is to do with holidays, birthdays or Christmas, we all like to have our traditions and make memories with our family and children. We are now at the beginning of Christmas season and if you listen carefully you can hear the whispers of, ‘we that what we do,’ ‘we did that last year,’ ‘we have always done it this way.’ Christmas seems to be when the traditions of the families come into play and things need to be the same as last year, we like to have the traditions in places and we want to make sure that our children grow up with our family traditions that have been passed down from each side of the family and we are so grateful for the traditions that we have been able to grow up with. We look forward to seeing what traditions we and then our children will have.

We all have times when we have the time of, ‘that is what families do,’ We have time when we rally around those people who are sick, we look after those with children, we give family birthday gifts, we go on holiday to certain places, we read certain books, we do things on certain days, it is what families do and it becomes our traditions. Since we have been married we have been able to take on each others traditions, we have been able to learn from each other, we have been able to make our own traditions within us as a couple and will do with our family. When we got married not only did we vow to be with each other but in that we promised to learn about each other, to know what we liked and disliked. When we married each other we didn’t just marry each other but we married into each others family. We married into each others traditions, we married into each other and so it is time to be able to make the traditions of our own.

As Christmas comes round there are many traditions that we have taken from each side of the family, we have stockings, we make food, we celebrate with one side of the family on Christmas eve, we do different things from each of our childhood and we are so blessed that we had traditions when we were younger, with our families to be able to carry them on today. It is such a blessing to be able to be with our families but also to have time on our own to be able to create traditions of our own. We will take a bit of traditions from each side of family but make some of our own, there will be things that we do this year but there will also be things that develop over time too. We will do our own things with our children and they will be able to grow with their own traditions and times that they will remember.

There will not only be traditions at this time of year but there will also be time in life when we have other traditions too, we have traditions for birthdays, we have traditions for weddings, we have traditions for anniversaries and so much more. Sometimes life can be hard and it is nice to have days where we are able to have special traditions and special things that we can celebrate. Traditions are a wonderful time where we are able to pass on things to our family and to celebrate in a special way that is special to our family. Traditions are a special way to group together and have things that are to do within our own families. It is good to see how different families celebrate different things and how we have been able to join together and take some from each side and make some more.

I am so thankful for the man that I have been able to marry and the fact that we can learn from each other and the traditions that we can learn and develop from each other throughout our marriage. I am so blessed by the fact that we are able to be married and to make our own traditions. I am blessed that through our faith we are able to make our traditions with our church family. With our wedding we were able to have the traditional church wedding, when we have children we will be taking them to church and teaching them about the church traditions. I am so thankful that God led us together and He has a plan for our future.

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