Blog 402: Trusting in marriage

trust in marriage.jpg

How are you feeling about your marriage? Have you just started your married life? Being married brings so many things to the forefront of your mind, will you get on? How will you react in your first argument? Does the other person respect you? Do they compare you to an ex? Will they treat you good? Can you trust them? There are so many things to consider when you are about to get married but most of all you need to ask the question as to whether or not you are able to trust the person that you are about to marry. There are so many people in this world that can and will break your trust that it will be hard to fully trust someone else.

From the moment we are born we put our trust in other people, we put our trust in others to meet our needs, to keep us safe and to protect us. It is when we are young that will affect our future-whether someone has let us down or whether they have been there for us through everything. Security or insecurity can come to us when we are little and that will affect whether we are able to trust other people or not. When we start a new relationship it is very easy to be wrapped up in the newness and the joy of being in a new relationship but we can pass over the fact that we may not fully trust the other person. Whatever you have been through in the past you need to know how to trust the other person and for the other person to trust you too.

When we are in love we may not be able to see the red flags, we may not be able to know whether we can trust the other person or not. It is very easy to ignore the red flags but it will get to the point that you are not able to trust the other person and you wonder why you have invested so much time into a relationship. If you have been hurt more than once it is hard to realise that you are worth it, you are beautiful, you are able to find someone who you can trust. In order to know that you are able to trust other people you need to know that you will find someone you can trust but in order to do that you need to trust and believe in yourself first. You need to know that other people are able to trust you because you trust yourself.

Trusting someone in a marriage can take time and that is why we have the whole dating period to get to know each other. Throughout the dating period it is important to be able to know that when you are going to get married you can trust the other person, you can trust what they say and you can trust what they do. In order to trust the other person you need to believe them and in order to believe them you need to know that they are the person for you. If you have been hurt in the past then it is important to talk to your new partner about this and for them to know what you are feeling. I know that sometimes it may be hard to trust someone again you will need to talk about the past and your worries. In order to move on with your future and your marriage you need to talk to your partner about the things that you find hard to trust and the things that you want to improve on.

There will be times in life that your trust is broken, there will be times when people talk behind your back, when you are let down and when you loose your trust in other people that are your friends and family. People around you are going to hurt you and you will loose trust but it is important to know that through everything that happens in life, through your childhood, teenage years and then you marriage and being parents you are able to trust in God. You need to know that He will not let you down, He will never leave you, He will never break your trust. In order to fully believe that you need to put your trust in people to one side and you need to fully trust in God and His love for you. God will be there through everything and you are able to trust in everything that God has in store for you-you may not understand it but just trust in God.

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