Blog 399: Life with anxiety


There are so many people across the world that live with anxiety, some are unable to go out, some are unable to meet with friends, some are unable to talk about issues, some are unable to be themselves and this is all because of anxiety. Anxiety is something that can destroy someones life and we all need to work on it, either in ourselves or to help and support someone with anxiety. No matter how old you are, how many experiences you have had in life anxiety is hard and it can be tough on anyone. It can soon cause a person to change, it can cause them to close into themselves, it can cause them to have health problems, it can cause them to have migraines and it can cause them totally change in a way that they were not like before.

I know most people in this world have had or have anxiety and it is hard, it is hard to feel worthwhile, it is hard to feel accepted and it is hard to feel loved. I have had to adapt in my life, I have had to work hard with my anxiety and I have had to deal with things that I didn’t expect would happen. My life with anxiety has been full of ups and downs, I have had to deal with loosing friends, with loosing jobs, with being hurt, with people judging me, with being isolated, with being scared to go out and so much more. Anxiety is not something that I am proud about and it is not something that I am willing to talk about but I know that so many people will be able to learn from me and how I have been able to deal and live with anxiety.

Anxiety is something that doesn’t just happen overnight, it is something that comes gradually and has changed me over the course of years. I have had to come to the conclusion that my life has changed, that I am not how I used to be and I have become quieter. I am not saying that everyone with anxiety has these issues but they are very common, I have gone from being an extrovert to being on my own with my husband and my family. The main thing is that I have been unable to trust people because I have had it broken so many times. I have been beaten in my mind, I have been beaten in my head and the trust has gone for me from other people and that affects my anxiety. When I am around other people my anxiety goes through the roof because I am not sure I am able to trust other people and I am anxious that people are judging me for being me. I know that I should not be worried and anxious but that is the person I am and I am working on my anxiety and trying to be better.

Anxiety is something that affects so many people and the way that it affects me is not the way that can affect you. Anxiety can vary from person to person and the depth of it can be hard too. Some people may be able to go out with someone whereas other people may not be able to go out at all. We all have different needs and we all have things that we need to improve but having anxiety is something that cannot be healed overnight, it is something that is gradual, something that needs a lot of work and something that other people need to help you with. Having anxiety will be something that will affect you at different times in your life and people all around you suffer with it but it is also something that can be worked on and eventually healed but it will take time and don’t think it will be a quick fix.

No matter how serious your anxiety is, no matter how you are feeling day to day and no matter the people that you have around you there is a God who will accept you for who they are, there are people out there who will accept you and your anxiety. As much as it is hard with anxiety God will be there through everything, he will be the One who you can turn to through everything, He will be there at your worst and at your best so all you need to do is to trust Him and His love for you.

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