Blog 398: Judgement fear

fear of being judge

Do you fear of being judged? Do you fear going out because you feel that other people are judging you for being you? The fear of being judged is all in our head and something that we need to work out of being in our brain but believe me it is hard to do! Where is the evidence that you are being judged? We often think that we are being judged by other people but in reality we are not being judged and it is all in our head. We need to start to focus on the facts that we have in hand, not the things that we have in our head that are not real. We are humans and we have feelings and it seems that because we have previously been judged and it has hurt our feelings and so we try and protect ourselves from hurt that could happen again.

Maybe instead of thinking that people are judging us we need to think that they are cheering us on and wanting us to do and be the best. However, due to us having a negative perception of ourselves we always think the worst and I am the first one to say that, I always find the worst things about myself and think that everyone knows the bad things when in reality they don’t. You as well as I need to know that people will judge us no matter what we do but will you let them get to you? As my mum always said, ‘will it matter in 6 months?’ If not then you don’t need to worry about it, if so then please take one day at a time and don’t worry about it if you don’t need to. We should not have fear of people judging us because we have been created the way we are and as we should not judge other people they do not need to judge us either.

Many people do not know us, they do not know our feelings, they do not know how we react, they do not know what things are going on in our life, they do not understand the personal things that are happening, they do not understand the pressures and so have no place to judge us. When we think of that we also have no place to judge other people either because we do not know what they are going through! As much as we automatically judge other people we need to realise that they have other things going on in their lives and not judge them for it. We can all learn from each other about not judging each other. It is very easy for us to automatically judge another person when actually we do not know what struggles they are going through.

We all have times in our life when we feel judged, we feel judged for our weight, for how we look, for the outfit we chose to wear, for the people we hang around with, for the food we eat, the places we go and so much more. No matter what we do and who we see people are going to judge us and whether we take it seriously or with a pinch of salt. Are we going to listen to people judging us or are we going to ignore those people and just get in with our life and how we want to live it? Sometimes you will judge other people without realising it and we need to realise when we do such a thing. We need to be ready to apologise, ready to change our ways and ready to accept people for who they are. As much as you don’t like people judging you others don’t like to be judged by you. We need to think about the words that we say and the thoughts that we have.

We are all sinful people, we are not going to accept all those people around us, we will judge people no matter how much we try, we will think others should be different but because of who we are we are going to make mistakes. We are all human, we are all sinful, we all have things that we do not like about ourselves and we need to work hard to accept everyone who we come in contact with. The way that we are able to accept other people we need to know that we are accepted ourselves and we can have help from One that is perfect. Jesus accepts us for our flaws, for our mistakes and for our actions but He does not judge us for them unless we don’t come to Him. He wants us to know that through anything and everything He will help us to become better people.

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