Blog 397: I’m in the desert

in the desert

Do you ever feel that you have been on your personal journey for such a long time and you feel like you are on your own? Do you feel like life is slogging along? Do you feel like you are in a desert just trying to get through life and on auto pilot? It is very normal to feel this way and it very normal to have times in your life when you feel isolated and alone, times when everyone feels so far away and you seem to be on a journey on your own. You are walking through life but still don’t seem to be getting anywhere, you are struggling on in life’s journey and no one really knows about it. The future of life feels bleak and we are in the wilderness not knowing which way to turn and what to do with ourselves. Do you ever feel like that, that you want to give up but you have to keep on going?

We have all been in the wilderness at some point in our lives, it can happen through different experiences; we can be lonely, we can feel isolated, we can have depression, we can be struck with grief, we can be confused, we can be hurt, we can experience changes, we can be in suffering and many more things. All these things make us feel that we are on our own and we are in the desert not knowing which way to turn and how to get out of it. When we are in the desert we can either choose to give up or to keep plodding along, we can choose to talk about our struggles or to keep quiet, we can choose to trust others or get depressed. Which one do you do? Through all the experiences in life we are being tested and we are being refined into what we will be when we are older.

We tend to hate the times when we are in the wilderness and we are going through tough times, we think we are weak, we think we have done something wrong to make this happen, we think that we are not important, we think that we are not worthy. This is all not true and we have experiences in life that grow us, we have experiences in life to help us to relate to other people and to talk to others about our life lessons. Just because we may be struggling in life doesn’t mean that other people aren’t either. We need to realise that everyone could be going through their own little desert and we need to support each other and help each other to get through it. Life is hard and it is difficult and we need to accept that but it can be hard too.

Going through the desert can be a hard and lonely thing but we can learn lessons from it. We are able to rely more on God throughout it than ourselves. We are not able to know what God has in store for us but what we do know is that God understands what we are going through and He understands how we are feeling. There have been times in my life when I have been in the desert, I have felt lonely, I have felt that I have failed and it is hard. It is hard to try and keep on going but I know that when I come out the other end life will be better and I would have learnt some lessons from what I have been through in my past. I know that things will not be easy but I know that I will not be alone, I will not be made to be someone who I am not and I am grateful for those people who have stood by me no matter what.

When I have been alone and struggling I know that there are some people I can go to however, they may be going through the desert themselves and I don’t want to put my burden onto them. I know that I can turn to God and He will help me to be a better person. I may not feel it but He will be with me through all the times when I feel that I am not able to do something. He will be with me through all the times when I feel lonely and isolated. He is my best friend and I am able to reach out to Him no matter what is going on in my life.

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