Blog 395: ‘Going to bed!’

Could this all be my fault?

What time do you go to bed? Are you one of those people who falls asleep early in the evening and refuses to go to bed because its too early? When a man and women go to bed it seems to be two different things. Men go straight to bed and a women can take up to an hour! When I go to bed, I get ready for the next day, I put the leftover food in the fridge, I lock up the house, I do a quick clean, I get the clothes ready for the next day but my husband he just goes straight to the bathroom and then bed! I honestly don’t know how men, on their way to bed, just ignore all the things that need to be done, all the things on the floor and so much more. In my husbands mind when we say going to bed it means just that!

The other things I find hard is that within two minutes he is asleep and nothing can wake him up until the alarm the next day! I can lie there thinking about the next day, thinking about things that need to be done, the shopping that needs buying, the washing that needs doing, the lunches that need doing, the plans for the next week, the people that I need to contact and so much more. Sometimes we are having a full blown serious conversation and the next thing I know he is snoring and totally asleep! How do men do that? How the heck do men tred over everything in the living room and then put their head on the pillow for seconds and be asleep! It totally amazes me!

I am one that really struggles with sleep, when I was younger I used to be like a man-I used to hit my head on the pillow and be asleep within seconds but now I am older I am up most of the time. I seem to struggle with going and staying asleep, most nights I can be asleep within the hour but I wake up early in the morning and struggle to get back to sleep again. I honestly don’t know why this is because I used to sleep all the way through the night but I suppose it is because I am getting more responsibilities! What I would do to go back to being a child so then I can have a normal sleeping pattern again! Sleep is a strange thing and as we get more responsibilities we loose more sleep but both working together to get the house ready for the next day is important. Two people make a team work and can cut the time down by ages and it can help decrease stress for the next morning.

We all hate getting up in the morning and so to have things prepared for the next day can really help! Take time in the evening to sort things our for the next day, set the breakfast table, get the lunches ready-even if this means just leftovers from the evening meal, get your clothes ready for the next day-this will save so much time trying so many different things on in the morning. The key to a good night is to prepare for the next day and to relax knowing that you have done everything that you can to have an easy morning the next day. Sleep needs to be had by most people and it can be hard to get the rest that we need. In order to be relaxed when we go to sleep we need to commit our night and next day to the Lord-when we are weary He will help us sleep and He will be the One that will be able to let us rest in His love.

There are so many things in this world that can take our attention and can cause us stress and anxiety. This means that our sleep is taken away from us, in order to have a good sleep we need to know that God is in control of all things, we don’t need to worry because He will take part of tomorrow, He will give us the strength that we need, He will give us the comfort for the next day, He will calm down our anxiety with everything that is going on around us. There will be times when we struggle but God will be there, there will be times that are easier and God will still be there. Tonight as you go to sleep know that God will help you rest and get the amount of sleep that you need. You may not have had a good sleep last night but today know that God will give you the strength that you need to keep on going.

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