Blog 394: To those who Served


Tomorrow is the 11/11 and we think about all those men and women who served in WW1, WW2. Did you know that in WW1 (1914-1918) alone 40 million men, women, children, civilians, military personnel died, in WW2 (1939-1945) 70–85 million men and women including those in the holocaust died and since then 77,676 people died in the Afghan war in 2018 and 2019. Isn’t those numbers amazing and not in a good way. For recorded history the world has just been at peace from major wars for 8% of it-that is in 3,400 years. The amount of people that have died in the above wars is just over the population of Japan. You may be surprised by this, like I was, but we are living in a sinful world and it is something that we need to expect. It is very sad that we do live in a sinful world and this world is full of death and hurt but there is One way out of it. All the time we live on this earth it will be hard and there will be things that we don’t want to see and don’t like.

We don’t like war and we shouldn’t like people being killed but we are greedy, we are boastful, we are lustful, we are hurtful, we are bossy, we are prideful, we worship other things, we are lazy, we are angry, we are hateful, we are disobedient, we are unworthy, we are careless, we break laws, we disrespect, we gossip, we shout, we have filthy thoughts, we swear, we have an unforgiving heart, we despise other people, we fight, we argue, we don’t give a choice, we steal, we cheat, we gamble, we lie, we spread rumours, we brag, we are boastful, we speak evil, we covet, we lust, we want things we cannot have, we are sinful. Reading all of those is it surprising that we get into wars? Everyone wants to do their own thing and wants to live their own life so there will be conflict and it won’t be nice. We want to have the things that we want rather than thinking about other people and what they need and what they would like. If we did this then the world would be a much nicer place to live in.

There will always be problems in our world because we are all sinful and we all want our own things. Even those men who we look up to and those men who we think did an amazing job are still sinful. We look at Nelson Mandela and He helped to end Apartheid in South Africa but he still killed people and encouraged other people to do so too, He disobeyed the people that were in charge of him. He was told not to do something but instead he did. He was standing up for something that was right but in the process blood was shed and he was disobeying the government. He helped to make the divide bigger in his country and burned his pass all because essentially he was not getting his own way. Don’t read me wrong I understand why He did these things and stood up for them but also he was a sinful person telling sinful people what they needed to do.

We have had people nearer to home who have served our country, we have had Winston Churchill, again, he was a great man and He essentially helped us to win the war but he was a sinful man leading sinful people. As he was leading the country to win the war his health was declining and he was becoming weaker and weaker by the day. He had to keep going because he was Prime Minister. As with any leader that is helping their country out of a war Churchill had severe depression and eventually retired from politics but he still served the country. He was a sinful person with many problems leading sinful people with more problems!

There has only be One who has lived a sinless life, who died a perfect death and rose again for us. There has only been One who has not wanted any divide in the world. There has only been One who has not got old and sick. There has only been on who obeyed His father. There has only been One who has lived a sinless life and that is Jesus. As we think about those men and women who gave their life and who died for us we need to think about Jesus who died the perfect death for us and lived a perfect life. He died so we can live.

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