Blog 392: Secrets of the night


How do you feel and sleep in the night, are you a calm sleeper, are you a deep sleeper, are you a snorer, are you a dreamer, are you up with children, are you a minimum sleeper? There are so many different kinds of sleepers and as we get older our sleep changes. There is no reason for this other than the fact that there are different things and people going on in our life. When I was younger I used to sleep like a baby, like nothing would wake me up, no one would be able to wake me, I would sleep in the car, in different beds, in different houses, at the beach, around children in a park and I would still not wake up-how I miss those days and wish I could have them back! I wish I had no worries and nothing to think about but that is all about growing up and having responsibilities.

There are so many different sleepers, there are those people who are protective-they like to hold their partner until they can hardly move. I can only have this for a while and then I need to move. There are those who love to have pillows, I can for sure say that I am one of those, I don’t care how many pillows there are but there can never be enough as I just love having the security of the pillows. I don’t know why I like so many but I do and I can never get enough, there are so many on the bed that sometimes my husband has no room! I feel sorry for him slightly but I like to have them in a certain way so that no matter what way I turn I have a pillow to put my head on. Over the years the more pillows I have has increased and don’t ask me why!

The people that I cannot stand in bed are the snorers because they are so loud. I know that is obvious but seriously-why do you need to be so loud in the night! My husband swears that he does not snore but he breathes deeply-as much as he says it don’t believe him! He snores and it comes from his father! I have ended up GENTLY prodding my husband in the side to stop him from snoring for a while-he stops just long enough for me to fall back asleep but then he is of again! Sometimes I just want to put a cold flannel on his face to stop! It can be hard but we work through it and i will be forever thankful for the husband that I am able to sleep with! The way that I pay back is that I am a duvet stealer! I don’t know where it has come from but it must be because I had a while sleeping in a double bed on my own so got used to it. I have to have the highest tog duvet and it weighs so heavy so it is comfortable so I end up stealing it!

I love sleep but sometimes it can be hard and working through the sleepless nights are hard! Sometimes I am unable to get to sleep before two in the morning and it can be hard to get to sleep. There are so many reason that I am unable to sleep, there are things in the future to worry, there are things now to worry about, there are noises, there are dreams that can disturb. For so many other people there are children to worry about, mothers need to feed their children every couple of hours, jobs has worries, taking children to school, the future of different things. As much as I struggle to sleep there are other people that do not have a bed, there are people who do not have a roof over their head and there are other people who have dangers in their life. With that thinking I am grateful for the nights sleep that I do get.

I know that sometimes nights will be better than others but I am blessed with the sleep and the comfort of a bed and I know that no matter how much I sleep or not sleep God will give me the rest that I need. He will comfort me when things are hard, He will bless me when things are tough and He will help me to sleep when there is so much more going on in the world. I know that with all the things going on outside I can come to Him and He will give me strength and enough energy for the day to come. Whatever your sleep is, whatever times you are up, whatever children you have to be with when you are awake in the night turn to God and know that He will help you for the hours to come.

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